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jaegerIs libstdc++-compat used by anything but adobe reader?08:41
jaegerI wonder if it could be removed from core08:49
frinnstnot that i've found09:11
frinnstive never used crux with that package, even when i ran 32bit09:11
jaegerI don't think I've ever used it, either... but it gets installed by default since it's in core09:12
frinnsti dont think anybody would notice if we removed it09:12
jaegerI was thinking about finding the 64-bit versions of the libraries for multilib but since it's only used by a 32-bit application I'm disinclined to bother :)09:13
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Romsteri thought about that being moved to opt.23:01
Romstermost users if not all wont need it. except for them few binary ports that were compiled with a ancient glibc23:02

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