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juegood morning01:59
jueRomster: s/glibc/gcc/ ;)02:00
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juenot sure if we should move the libstdc++-compat port, two reasons:02:04
juea) it's closely related to gcc02:05
jueb) we need a maintainer for it02:05
Romsterjue volunteer? :)02:06
juebut it's more or less a static port, the next update will come if we switch to gcc 5.x :)02:06
Romsteractaulyl isn't it in the FHS or some spec that a distro has to be able to run binaries?02:06
Romsternot that CRUX follows those closely?02:07
jueRomster: well, it was important for us for another reason:02:07
jueas we switched from gcc 3.x to 4.x, we need the port to keep prt-get working02:09
juefor example, every c++ needs the old lib until recompiled02:10
jues/c++/C++ program/02:11
Romsterah well prt-get is in core so that must be in core for that too.02:24
juebut I see one compelling argument for the move to opt: it's useless for x86_6402:24
Romsterthought everyone just updated from the iso02:24
Romsternot like a prt-get sysup will not asplode from tool chain updates to crux 2.802:25
Romsterand besides you can fix prt-get with pkgmk and pkgadd02:26
Romsteras long as pkgutils works or does that also depend on libstdc++-compat02:26
jueRomster: that was back in 2006 from CRUX 2.1 to CRUX 2.2, so not a problem nowadays02:27
Romsterah ok02:27 is the stdc++ library of gcc 3.x, the other two in the package are for older versions of gcc02:29
Romsteri've known that, but i wasn't aware of it being used for anything else other than binary ports like adobe reader.02:33
Romsterso we need the 64bit of this too.02:33
Romsterwell 64bit crux can just keep the same name in core and that will over ride the 32bit in i686 core.02:34
Romsterlike rar does now02:34
jueyeah, but probably hard to find 64-bit versions of the libraries ;)02:35
Romsterwould have to make the older tool chains to get the needed files.02:36
Romsterunless it can be pinched off arch or something.02:36
Romsteror could just pull out the older tags of crux in git and get say jaeger or frinnst to 64bit rebuild it?02:38
jueat all I don't think that it is worth the effort02:39
Romsteryeah starting a new one for current libstdc++ from now on wards02:42
jueyes, as I said we need that if we switch to gcc 5.x and that will not happen in the next couple of years, IMO :)02:44
Romsterah right sorry tired did a pa job last night02:45
mike_kRomster: )03:56
Romstermike_k, yes i saw that04:41
Romster wont compile04:43
Romsterthat's why i never bumped it i see a new cgit is in the works but isn't ready yet.04:43
mike_kRomster: yeah, I get the same error. so could you just strip the installed git version check?04:44
Romsterstill looking for a PEBACK issue or it just wont work. but right now i'm heading out I'll look into it more later.04:44
mike_kold cgit package works along the newly built git04:45
Romsterwould that even work?04:45
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Romsterhmm i can do that.04:45
Romsterbut i'll do that later i don't like rushing anyhing when i'm just about to go out.04:45
Romsterexperience has taught me i mess stuff up when i do that.04:45
mike_kRomster: absolutely not a problem )04:45
Romsterok i'll do that04:46
Romsterlater and thanks for reporting.04:46
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jaegerI'm gonna be out of town from today until wednesday night, will check the logs when I'm back08:33
teK_take care08:34
jaegerThanks :)08:34
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