IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2012-03-14

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sepenoops, I missed the [notify] thing of flash update :P08:24
sepenwas the first time and I hope that the last08:25
Romsterit's annoying that that has no version string in the file so i have to rm it everytime08:32
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sepenRomster: flash player?08:56
sepenif you just want to remove allways the source before calling pkgmk you could use a wrapper script to prt-get like this one: or take it as a base for your own09:00
sepenimho its one of features that I like from prt-get, it rock!09:01
teK_sepen: spoke with mz math professor today and "found" 0.5 credits, sufficient to NOT fail the exam \o/ \o/12:01
teK_btw. :P12:01
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sepenteK_: congrats!!12:13
sepenare you the flyspray guy, right?12:13
sepenwell, I and pitillo are maintaining fs on crux-arm too, and I was wondering about how to write some tips to improve the roadmap, like better percent usage on tickets, use the 'Tense' field in version (admin area), ... do you have some ideas or notes about?12:18
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teK_I did not customize the template, do you like the crux-one?13:04
teK_you could just use that or what's the matter17:06
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