IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2012-03-16

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Romsteryou can clean mine too jaeger :D it's a really big mess too.22:55
jaegeryou'd lose a lot of stuff if I cleaned yours22:56
jaegerI removed everything I haven't used recently22:57
Romsteryeah i know i got stuff i haven't used in a while too.23:21
Romsterso what is the url to these merged repo trees and the source you use to generate it? how would i go about dong it since i haven't setup rsync for my own stuff either.23:23
Romsteri like rsync but i hate that you can not see the package files in portsdb23:23
Romsterif your not too busy to chat a little.23:25
jaegerhere and away but will answer when I can23:32 is the rsync location23:32
Romsterso core opt xorg  under that path?23:32
jaegerand contrib23:33
Romsteri'm going to try it out23:33
Romsterother question is since i don't use rsync myself, mind if oyu paste your git to rsync stuff and rsync config so i can set mine up similarly.23:34
Romsterwell i already got git to a directory hook in git so i really only need the rsync setup23:35
Romsteri'm going to try yours out and some of my changes on top for my own personal use too.23:35
Romsterok that seems to be in order i just need to do my own rsync setup.23:56
Romsterwhat is the frequency of that cron job to aggregate?23:56

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