IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-03-17

jaeger5 minutes I think00:06
jaeger[cmpa] path = /home/jaeger/rsync-repos/cmpa/dest comment = CRUX multilib ports aggregation read only = true use chroot = true exclude = *.tar.gz *.tar.bz2 *.gem *.tgz *.zip REPO .sync .httpup-repgen-ignore .svn CVS00:06
jaegerbah... fuck you, irssi00:06
Romsteri'm nearly thiking of mirroring the git trees locally on my server in gitolite and merging them into a directory from git directly. that way i also have a backup of the git trees should you disappear or give up on the project.00:07
Romsterbut i'll try your way first looks easier.00:08
jaegerMy way is simple but of course you're welcome to do that if you want :)00:08
Romstermight recode that ugly bash into python later too.00:08
Romstercrontab 5 * * * * ID=sys.5min     /usr/sbin/runjobs /etc/cron/5min00:25
Romstermkdir /etc/cron/5min dropped that file in and made it executable, edited the path. hopefully that's enough to try it out locally too00:26
jaegerno idea there, quite different from my setup00:27
jaegerhaven't seen that syntax00:27
Romsteri was looking in man crontab00:30
jaeger*/5 * * * * nice /home/jaeger/bin/aggregate-ports > /home/jaeger/logs/aggregate-ports.log00:34
Romsterand that 'nice'?00:38
jaegerlowers the priority00:38
Romsterah that */5 must mean every 5 minutes than at 5 minutes past every hour.00:39
Romsterthat man page really isn't written well.00:39
Romsterguess i don't need ID= then00:40
Romster*/5 * * * * /usr/sbin/runjobs /etc/cron/5min00:40
Romstershould do for that directory.00:40
Romsterthat cpu doesn't get hammered much so don't need to nice it IMO.00:41
Romsterno idea why i got a cron.d directory and it's empty either00:42
Romstermight of been a left over form some wacky thing i did in the past.00:42
jaegermy server does a lot of other stuff so I nice it00:46
Romsterunknown module 'romster' tried from arkanoid (
Romsterhmm i'm doing soemthing wrong oh silly me the [foo] is the module name...00:47
Romsternever used rsync as a server before.00:47
Romsterok rsync isn't as hard as i thought, only thing is it doesn't give a list of ports it's pulling like apache does with httpup, i sometimes look at that too see what's being used so i make sure i keep that up to date more frequently than the rest of the ports.00:51
Romsterah that ID is just a log thing for like job sys.hourly00:53
jaegerah, makes sense00:54
Romstercool that all works, thought i'd spend more time on it than this.00:54
jaegeryou might be able to increase rsync's verbosity, never tried that00:54
* Romster looks00:55
Romster--log-file-format=FMT   override the "log format" setting00:57
Romsterand the -v i'll try -v first.00:57
Romsternah -v isn't enough looking at --log-file-format=FMT01:00
RomsterThe default FORMAT used if --log-file is specified and this option is not is '%i %n%L'.01:04
Romsternow i don't see a list of identifiers to choose from unless i'm blind.01:04
Romster that's good enough.01:07
jaegernot bad01:08
Romsteryou might like to do that too.01:09
jaegerI'm not all that concerned with seeing what gets synced currently01:09
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