IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2012-03-20

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jaegerteK_: the latest vlc has some footprint mismatches:
jaegerHas tilman commented at all about xorg updates?07:25
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Romsternope i don't think he is even aware of them jaeger07:41
Romsteri'll write him a email once i'm done testing.07:41
Romsterseriously need to get my cgit working and git daemon for anonymous cloning.07:43
Romsterthat way tilman can clone my git tree of this work.07:43
jaegerWould be nice to get some feedback from him on whether he doesn't want to do updates or is just too busy, etc.07:52
Romsteri think he is busy i'm on the newer xorg now and it's ok so far but i got to update some other libs on my system shortly and retest.08:06
teK_use git format-patch08:07
Romsterif he doesn't want a bar of my work on it then i'll just keep it hosted on my site as is for others and myself to use. but that would be rather silly if it came to that.08:07
teK_jaeger: will look into it in some hours08:07
jaegerteK_: no problem, just figured I'd pass it on08:07
Romsterany one know where the git trees for xorg are most spefficly for vesa08:14
Romster ah never mind found it08:15
Romsterok patched that to work.08:28
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Romsterthanks tek sent the patches.08:41
Romster74 of them :P08:41
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frinnstare there any rsync statistics for
frinnstie how many unique port-syncs per day/week and whatever14:13
frinnstRomster: your xorg-repo seems to be working fine15:05
frinnsthad a few small issues with xf86-video-ati not wanting to build but that was my fault with my toolchain15:06
frinnstpulled from git instead15:06
frinnstalso there was some xcb issues with some libraries (startup-notifywhatever) not allowing me to run urxvt at first15:07
frinnstchecking now for other libs15:07
Romsterfrinnst, horrstruck got that working after a revdep rebuild16:48
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frinnstas did I, just thought you should know17:34
frinnstother than that, all fine and dandy17:35
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jaegertilman: are you here?22:25
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