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jaegersepen: I won't have time to test the depupdate thing until later but it's a great idea :)08:44
sepenwell, the starting point maybe08:45
sepenI'm not a great C++ coder :P08:45
sepenmaybe someone has better ability to touch the code, I have done what I could08:46
jaegerI'm not a C++ coder, either08:46
sepenperhaps this has awakened the beast, cptn08:47
Romsterhaven't seen him in a while.08:48
sepenI had some productive days, also I re-wrote the prt-snapshot idea and more things related to crux08:48
Romsternice guy too.08:48
sepenI'd like to improve system tools for crux, prt-utils, and other things that seems outdated08:49
Romsterprt-utils has some cruft that needs fixing IMO but I haven't found time/motivation for that.08:50
sepenwhat do you think about to have prt-snapshot in prt-utils or separated as a opt port?08:50
Romsteri manually added lib32 to finddeps sepen if your planning to add/fix prt-utils08:50
Romsteri'd keep it separate until it's proven it's worth inclusion in prt-utils. but that's just my opinion.08:53
Romstermight better belong in pkgutls too.08:54
Romsterpkgsnap perhaps.08:54
Romsterdo we need such a tool?08:54
frinnstmeh, redundant with btrfs :)09:01
frinnstthere's a plugin for yum with btrfs rollback. looks nifty09:01
jaegerI wonder if my boss would buy me an SSD for this workstation :P09:02
Romsterlvm has snapshots too so has xfs09:08
Romsteryou and your btrfs frinnst <_<09:08
Romstercan btrfs make me a sandwich too :P09:08
Romsteractaully the reshaping raid levels looks interesting.09:09
frinnstwith COW meat (i made a joke!)09:09
Romstercope on write meat09:09
sepenRomster: hmm that would be nice, lib32 due multilib right?09:20
sepenI'm still using purelib on my x64 desktop09:20
teK_same here09:21
sepensomeone who have some tips explaining how to convert purelib to multilib?09:21
frinnstdont go over to the dark side!! :D09:24
Romsterjaeger, has a iso built you can boot off the iso and pkgadd core ports off that rejmerge rebuild kernel.09:24
sepenwho is the guy maintaining CRUX's ohloh account?
sepenRomster: the setup way, like it09:25
sepenRomster: thanks for the tip09:25
jaegersepen: the wiki has a convert pure64 to multilib page that's still useful09:26
Romsterand the location is at
jaegerthe packages listed there are no longer valid but the ones from the ISO work09:26
Romsterand i'm using jaeger's merged ports trees that's got i686 x86_64 and x86_64 multilib layed up.09:27
sepenjaeger: hmmm thanks09:27
sepenany idea about the ohloh account?09:43
mike_ksepen: I've updated the ohloh page recently09:47
mike_kthere were some stale repos, etc09:48
sepenahh thanks mike_k, you're doing a great job with enlistments09:48
mike_knp, just got sad it was so outdated09:48
Romsterhmm why arn't i on that map need t add myself sometime09:49
RomsterB danny joins project followed by a massive spike in graph :D09:50
Romsteri totally forgot about that page.09:51
jueteK_: is cptn still subscribed to crux-devel?11:18
jaegerlooks that way, he responded11:21
juejaeger: thanks, just got it too11:23
juesepen: I'd say it fits perfect to prt-utils11:37
sepenjue: prt-snapshot?11:38
sepenwell I'd like to see testers opinions11:39
sepenI recently fixed that on prt-snapshot;a=blob;f=TODO11:42
sepenthats the current behaviour
juesepen: thanks, will try it, but first the week after next because I'm on holidays next week ;)11:49
sepenohh nice for you11:55
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jaegergrr... you updated my ports again20:41
jaegerI must admit that is rather annoying20:41
Romsteroh sorry, you never mentioned it before and it's not officalish like x86_64. I'll add 'arch maintainer' lines like x86_64 has (or you may do that to your ports) so we know who's maintaining what then i wont touch yours again without permission ok?20:44
jaegerI have mentioned it before but you're right, it's not very organized or official, so I shouldn't be bothered by it20:44
Romsterthought i was saving you a little effort by keeping them inline with official port versions.20:45
Romsteri'll just do that arch maintainer line that x86_64 has then you can look after yours, and i'll look after the ones i've added recently.20:46
jaegerIt's fine, now that I'm thinking about it there's no reason I should be bothered by it... maybe once it's official, if that happens20:46
Romsterreally if you ask me this whole one person only allowed to do changes model doesn't suit everything, why haven't we got groups that maintain stuff other than the core ports group.20:47
Romsterwell if it becomes official, i'll mark what i got as maintainer and initially added, and the rest is yours. unless you pick up some or most of what i've added20:49
Romsteri'm not really fussed.20:49
Romsterhonestly i'd like to see i686 moved to what the i586 was as a obsolete system but still maintained and x86_64 with the multilib tool chain being official.20:51
jaegerI expect it if does become official more people would use it and we'd spread things out again but not sure20:51
jaegerWe have spread them out in the past, that's where stuff like the "crux system team" thing came from20:52
Romsterwell i'm seriously thinking of xorg being spread out as tilman seems to have no time to review my email or do much other than serious bug updates to ports.20:52
Romstermeant to be a community to help each other out and we are all devs in here now?20:53
jaegerI don't have high hopes for official adoption of multilib, honestly... few of us use it and even pure64 has been around for quite some time yet stayed unofficial20:53
Romsteri know some ports need special care, but seriously if one person is busy another one can be assigned to help out when needed.20:54
Romsterthat has knowledge of said port(s)20:54
jaegerthough perhaps the ability to choose between the two would make it more appealing, at least there's that option now20:54
jaegerxorg was always a special case since it got split from x11 into modular, so it's a bit odd20:54
jaegerI don't think anyone else wanted to touch it back then20:55
Romsteryeah that was back then when it was a real mess, it's more organized now. tilman his doing a good job of it, but i don't know if he is hanging off on bug issues or what. i have a found a few issues with port module catchup to new xorg-server20:56
Romsters/his doing/is doing20:56
jaegerHe's just ridiculously busy right now, I think20:56
Romsterwhich is why i'm helping out with what i've done with xorg.20:58
Romsterin cases like this it would be easy enough for tilman to say someone else could bump ccache gtk alsa stuff like that that wont likely break anything.20:59
Romsterwell i'm back to work sorry if i annoyed you.21:00
jaegerDon't worry, I need to just be less annoyed21:01
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