IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-03-24

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jaegerfrinnst: opt/nss has a Pkgfile~ in it, was that intentional?10:11
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frinnststupid 32bit chroot w/o a proper vimrc11:00
frinnstfine, <frinnst> stupid 32bit chroot w/o a proper .gitignore12:08
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jaegerWhat's the significance of the -p7 in mpfr's version string? Is that the patchlevel provided by the patch in the Pkgfile?21:22
jaegerI'm guessing it's a collection we've cooked up of the bug list at (at least the first 7, of which there are now 8)21:25
jaegerah, never mind, #8 is for the development/future version of gmp21:25
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