IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2012-03-26

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jaegermy toolchain test environment ate itself13:14
frinnstooh how i hate that13:19
jaegerYeah =/13:25
frinnstsnapshots ftw13:25
jaegeragreed. I wasn't careful enough that time and forgot to take one, of course :P13:38
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frinnstdamn, I started building x86_64 ~5 years ago13:47
frinnsttime flies13:47
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jaegerman, crazy to think it's been that long14:22
frinnstyep, we are getting old :)14:32
jaegerindeed :/14:37
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rmullCan we put notice of x86_64 support on the homepage then? :)20:02
jaegerI'm hoping we can for 2.820:23
rmulljaeger: Really happy to hear that. Will be proud of Crux when that happens.20:27
Romsteri'm hoping for the multilib tool chain so that if anyone wants to use 32bit stuff can, else they can ignore 32bit stuff.20:56
jaegerI think my glibc/rpc bullshit is sorted out in the toolchain build env, still need to update gcc again, then will retest21:21
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jaegerok, headscratcher... sunrpc/rpc/rpc.h was present for stage0 (glibc 2.12), present for stage1 (glibc 2.15), missing for stage2 (glibc 2.15)23:13
jaegerthe same Pkgfile was used in stage1 and stage223:13

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