IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2012-03-27

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frinnsthas anyone tried openssl 1.0.1 yet?04:03
teK_is this the aes-ni branch?04:03
teK_I tried -cvs some weeks ago04:03
frinnstno idea, just noticed it was released04:03
teK_it gave me a HUGE boost in aes operations04:04
frinnst*) Extensive assembler packs updates, most notably:04:06
frinnst- x86[_64]:     AES-NI, PCLMULQDQ, RDRAND support;04:06
frinnstguess so04:06
frinnstdid the cvs branch break anything?04:06
frinnstabi, libraries etc?04:07
teK_I had no hassles04:08
frinnstdo we still want to move zip/unzip out of core?05:53
frinnsti could adopt them into opt if that's the case05:53
frinnstunless someone else wants them05:53
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jaegerWhat the hell? Every time I try to bootstrap a new and different problem occurs, it seems10:11
jaegerThe latest one is bin/hostname.old and sbin/arp.old in net-tools10:11
jaegerIt wasn't creating them yesterday but today it is10:12
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jaegerI don't see why zip/unzip couldn't move out of core, unless someone knows of a need11:02
teK_bsdtar still cannot extract the current zlib source archive...11:33
teK_* on 64 Bit11:33
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frinnstworks for me(tm)13:04
jaegerworks here as well13:23
frinnstre zip/unzip:
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tilmani'm going to build a new pkgutils tarball/release RSN14:02
tilmanto go with the new libarchive14:02
jaegerhas your schedule eased up any?14:05
tilmanwe released that product today14:30
tilmanso no more long hours at least14:30
jaegernice, congrats15:02
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jaegerMy friend who moved to Australia just reminded me of a band I'd forgotten17:51
jaegerfrinnst: do you have the glibc 2.14 port up somewhere? I want to see what the hell I'm doing wrong with headers because every time I bootstrap there's a new one missing17:55
jaegerrpc.h, types.h, xdr.h, etc.17:55
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jaegerAfter the first 3 headers I just copied them all, need to bootstrap again23:24
jaegerFor now, sleep23:26

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