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frinnstjaeger: yeah sure, but its on my powered down desktop at home01:59
frinnsti'll hook you up this evening01:59
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jaegerfrinnst: no rush, thanks :)07:23
frinnst"compat-rpc" is redundant07:31
frinnsti should delete that one07:31
frinnstalso, glibc-21* is broken/old/crap07:32
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jaegerwoot, added another expander to my FreeBSD ZFS server while it's live08:46
jaeger[root@zfs1 ~/zfs]# ls /dev/da* | wc -l 14409:04
jaeger[root@zfs1 ~/zfs]# ls /dev/multipath/mp* | wc -l 7209:05
jaegernow to add the new 24 to the zpool09:05
pitilloummm jaeger, any special fbsd version? I would like to give it a try and test zfs09:20
frinnstzfs - meh :)09:27
pitillojaeger: thank you09:31
pitillofrinnst: since you told about btrfs I made some tests here... and seems to make a good performance bump at desktop level (no tests at recovery level... there aren't any problems here but this is the hard point to test)09:33
jaegerpitillo: I'm quite happy with my setup so far... even have it integrated with active directory and VMware10:00
frinnstpitillo: if you want to test the recovery bit: get some i/o - yank then power cable10:02
frinnstand watch your data dissapear :D10:02
* frinnst got a ups yesterday10:02
jaegerhell, no need to yank cables, btrfs has TOOLS to fuck up the filesystem :D10:02
frinnstbtrfs-corrupt-blockfredrik@nibbler:~$ whereis btrfs-corrupt-block10:03
frinnstbtrfs-corrupt-block: /sbin/btrfs-corrupt-block10:03
pitillojaeger: that sounds really interesting (and funny :) I think this could be a good and interesting little project here in the enterprise... I'm reading a bit more about zfs and fbsd doc10:03
pitillofrinnst: xD10:03
jaegerfrinnst: exactly the one I was thinking :)10:03
jaegerpitillo: This setup was motivated by our sun storage 7400 being a HUGE pain in the ass10:03
pitillofrinnst: I'm thinking in doing that (or at least something near.... powering off the virtual machine :)10:04
jaegerI've spent SO many hours unfucking things caused by that storage device so we wanted something new10:04
frinnstmaybe we should strip that from btrfs-progs :)10:04
jaegerdidn't have the approval to buy something else until just recently so I've got this FreeBSD ZFS server until we get our new Isilon storage10:04
* frinnst is getting his own netapp box hopefully at work10:04
pitillojaeger: yeah, I've readed a lot about those problems some time ago... and started reading about zfs when you explained some things about snapshots (a friend who was working with some solaris machines told me and explained some little things too) but here in the enterprise... is quite hard to test things. I'm pushing a bit my boss to let me do more than I do (but not much... I'm doing enought xD)10:06
jaegerpitillo: understandable. I'm lucky in that we bought this extra hardware to add to our sun storage... then we didn't use it because the sun storage is such a bad appliance10:13
jaegerso I hooked it up to my own machine :D10:13
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tilmancan anyone try this patch for core/pkgutils?
tilmanyou need to update libarchive before you can build the new version of pkgutils though12:39
tilmanfwiw, it does work for me; chances are it will work for you as well :P12:40
mike_ktilman: update libarchive to current core version?12:43
mike_ktilman: works for me (last sysup was about a month ago though)12:48
mike_kat least pkgadd, pkgmk work12:48
tilmanokay, thanks12:49
mike_ktilman: please, have a look at ticket #811 wheh you'll have time. I haven't assigned that not to hurry anyone.13:00
frinnsttilman: what did you release at work? anything fun?13:10
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teK_tilman: there's a new version of wireshark fyi :]13:11
teK_btw anyone present who's a) using rc-ng b) living in a country enforcing (:p) dst?13:12
tilmanteK_: saw that in my inbox13:12
teK_just read it @twitter and thought.. gosh am i the maintainer for wireshark. Turned out: I'm not.13:13
tilmanfrinnst: antivirus product for osx13:13
tilmanfrinnst: ie, "no" :D13:14
frinnstgot my libpng patch for cve-whatever?13:17
tilmanfrinnst: yeah13:19
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jaegerok, have some bootstrapped toolchain packages up at <-- only 32-bit at the moment, haven't done multilib ones yet23:50
jaegergoing to sleep23:52

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