IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2012-03-29

pitillojaeger: let's see if I deep a bit more about zfs and learn if it can be interesting here (if not, at least I'll learn, which is quite good too)01:14
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frinnstnice, nasty flash vuln. again03:58
Romsterthe what?03:59
Romsteroh vulnerability04:00
Romsterthe only way to run flash is to not run it at all or run the entire browser in a chroot/vm04:03
frinnstatleast they added a function to allow silent autoupdate of flash in windows04:18
teK_does it support updating via a proxy yet?04:23
teK_it didn't some time ago..04:23
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jaegerAh, there we go... vmware-tools happy in 2.6.x, didn't like 3.2.1208:40
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jaegerfigures would go down when I need to get the pkgutils tarball :D19:05
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Romsterseems is down20:36
Romsterlike the other week when i wanted to get to freedesktop that was down20:38
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