IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2012-03-30

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Romstersite seems fine now jaeger if you haven't checked it yet.02:15
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frinnstor when i wanted to install kmod :)02:34
Romsteryeah or kernel.org02:40
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jaegerI was asleep at that point but I've got it now07:21
jaegercame back up between 1:25 and 1:30 my time07:24
Romstergathered you were asleep. dunno what happened?07:34
Romsterprobably wrong person to ask tek would likely know.07:34
jaegerNo idea, yeah07:38
Romsterjust curious is all.time for me to sleep i'm really tired... g'night.07:41
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jaegerfrinnst: ever had a bootstrap hang up on [26/28] Linking default/pytalloc.inst.so12:56
jaegerIt's happened to me twice in a row now12:56
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frinnsthm, no13:16
frinnstonly issues i've had are footprints and specific port errors13:17
frinnstbut since 2.7 it's been pretty painless13:17
jaegerok, thanks13:23
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Romsterdid you bump to binutils 2.22 on the tool chain also?17:28
Romsterdhcpcd-5.5.6 is out17:29
Romsteri probably missed a few in my list.17:36
Romsteri'd be keen to resurrect gcc 4.6.3 that i was using to do more testing again, i don't know or think crux 2.8 would use gcc 4.7.1 when .1 is out?17:53
Romsterwho knows how many regressions that would have on 4.7.x anyways yet. then again gcc 4.7.x probably be ok by the time glibc is cleaned up more. so i'm confused how long crux 2.8 is going to wait for that mess to clean up.17:54
jaegerWell, no decision's been made yet as far as I know18:03
jaegerMy testing is being done with 4.6.3. I didn't even download 4.7, too way of .0 gcc releases18:04
Romsteri wouldn't mind a meeting so we know that the consensus is on what we are waiting on, like glibc or gcc or whatever else that's nearing some milestone.18:05
Romsteryeah i'm like that i'd go with 4.6.318:05
Romsteri think frinnst likes to live dangerously18:05
jaegerDoes the current openntpd release log ANYTHING?19:38
jaegerI can't seem to get it to19:38
jaegerif it's started in the foreground it says "ntp engine ready" but never anything else19:38
Romsteri haven't had much logs on my desktop, but my firewall should be.19:39
jaegerI've got it running on my crux machines as well as my firewall, it doesn't log anything in the syslog or to files on any of the systems19:40
RomsterMar 31 11:22:25 fire ntpd[1671]: adjusting local clock by -0.170610s19:41
Romsteropenntpd 3.9p1-319:41
Romsteris working19:41
jaegerhrmm, interesting19:41
jaegerI've not seen any of those messages in a LONG time19:41
Romsteri don't know what's up with my logging on my desktop it's probably broken from my old hvl setup19:41
jaegerwish I could figure out what version of openntpd is running on the firewall19:43
Romsterthat's easy pkginfo -i |grep nptd19:47
jaegernot that easy in pfsense19:48
jaegerthere's no package database19:48
Romsteroh that's a pain.19:49
jaegerI can tell it isn't logging, though, there's nothing in /var/log/ntpd.log19:49
jaegeras well as nothing in the web UI, though that just reads the clog19:50
Romsteri miss how socklog logged when i was using runit, been too lazy to try other logging daemons though19:50
jaegerwell, it doesn't really matter, I guess, as long as it works... which it seems to be doing, just silently19:51
Romsterhmm ntpd has no version argument to use either how strange19:52
jaegerIt's very openbsd-style minimal19:52
Romsterso minimal it has not even got a -h19:52
jaegerOriginally I noticed something was up because the ntpd on my firewall always had its alarm flag set19:53
jaeger100% of the time19:53
jaegerso after noticing it didn't log at all I ended up installing it on a crux box instead and found out it doesn't log there, either19:53
Romsterhow strange19:54
Romsterdoes anything log at all too /var/log/messages?19:55
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jaegerOther programs do, just not ntpd19:56
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Romsteri have my desktop sync to my firewall's ntpd19:57
Romstersince i have a few machines behind the firewall.19:57
Romsterlog_info("adjusting local clock by %fs", d);20:03
Romsteris in the code how it gets triggered i don't know.20:03
Romsterperhaps your syslog.conf isn't set to log info?20:06
jaegerIt's set to log everything20:12
jaegersame on the firewall... neither is doing it for ntpd, I'm pretty sure ntpd itself is the problem, though I don't know how or why20:13
jaegerbleh, not worth worrying about, just annoying20:13
jaegerJust for grins I pointed ntpd.conf on one of my VMs to instead of my local ntpd and that works... so there's something else wrong, perhaps just the ntpd on the firewall itself20:15
jaegerthough the one on my crux box wasn't working, either, hrmm20:15
Romsteryou sure you got the port open.20:16
Romstergod damn flies piss me off lads on my face i get the fly spray and i can not find it now.20:16
jaegeryeah, I'm sure... if I'm running it on the firewall I get back alarm responses20:17
jaegerrather than no response at all20:17
jaegerbesides, by default internal traffic to the firewall is allowed20:18
Romsterwhy aren't we using this ntpd anyways?
Romsterthat's the one gentoo is using.20:19
jaegerwe aren't using any official ntpd so what does it matter?20:20
jaegerwith that said, I prefer openntpd's simplicity and listen directives, personally20:20
jaegerThis is bizarre... since I started complaining about this I've killed all the ntpd processes on my machines and am now running them in the foreground... and they're logging properly to stderr20:21
jaegerthey weren't before20:21
jaegerperhaps the world just needs a reboot20:21
Romsterseriosuly wish i knew why it works on my crux firewall.20:22
Romsterand not log on yours20:23
jaegerok, same behavior on the bsd box now20:24
Romstersecond thoughts seeing how hacky the ntp gentoo port is i'd stay clear of ntp.20:24
jaegerif I run it foreground it's now reporting peers and adjusts, etc.20:24
jaegerI guess I'll let it go for a while and see if I can sync against it again once it's synced up20:27
jaeger[2.0.1-RELEASE][admin@pfsense.intranet]/var/log(7): clog ntpd.log20:29
jaegerstill jack shit in the syslog but at least the stderr messages work20:29
Romsterbeats me why that wont show20:29
jaegersame... but if I can get things to sync against it again without the alarm flag I'll live with the empty logs20:29
Romstergiven up caring about ntpd as long as it works.20:45
Romsteri'm wanting to do more vs work to sqlite the results so i can work more closely on sorting without having to crawl all the urls every time or resort to simple echo ... to tokenise a filename20:47
Romsterthen i can get rid of the ugly text files and present a neat search ports by repo, name, maintainer20:47
Romsterthen i can work on a random look if date of last check is older than sometime then fetch file list off url again. so it's constantly going though each port's url every x amount of time than to do it all in one hit.20:49
Romsteri took another break form it as it gets too much working on it all the time.20:50
Romsterlunch bbl20:53
jaegerhow odd... my x86_64 toolchain build failed on gcc with a "no space left on device" error20:59
jaegerthe odd bit is that no device was anywhere near full at the time20:59
jaegerI wonder if that weird hangup earlier has done something to my VM... grrr21:08
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jaegerman... whatever the fuck that did it has completely hosed the disk on my VM... can't even use e2fsprogs on it21:43
jaegerIt even broke the ability to restore snapshots21:48
jaegertime to scrap it and start over21:48
RomsterO_O what a bummer22:57
Romsterthe joy of toolchains22:57
Romsteri once was out of space and finally released it was a tmpfs that was full.22:57
jaegerYeah, I've run into that before, though no tmpfs was in use in this case... the VM was just completely shit up23:24
jaegertoolchain building/testing has an absolutely amazing capacity to fuck up a live system23:46
Romsterugh parsing html is always fun23:47

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