IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-03-31

jaegerWhat the hell? gcc failed again00:03
jaegerand I can't find the error00:04
jaegerah, found it... good times00:10
Romsterwhat did you hit?00:10
jaegerchecking whether the C compiler works... configure: error: in `/src/ports/core/gcc/work/src/build/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/32/libquadmath': configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.00:10
jaegernot useful, really00:10
jaegerIf I build gcc outside the bootstrap it builds fine00:10
Romsterhmm i get that stuff alot but what really brakes that?00:10
Romsteryou do extract the mpfr gmp sources in the gcc/ directory when you bootstrap it?00:11
jaegerwish I knew00:11
Romsteryou should try that.00:11
Romstergcc will build them for you and link to those in the bootstrap process.00:11
jaegerAll the bootstraps I've done are done the same way as the ISO00:12
Romsterextract gcc, cd gcc-4.6.3, then extract mpfr gmp mpc into them directory names, mkdir ../gcc-build ; cd ../gcc-build00:14
Romsterat configure add in (if still required) --with-gmp-include=$(pwd)/gmp --with-gmp-lib=$(pwd)/gmp/.libs00:14
jaegeryeah, I understand the process00:15
jaegerI'm wondering why the x86 one goes fine but the x64 multilib one shits00:15
Romsteri've tried it before just using the installed ports for gmp mpfr and mpc and failed doing it that way.00:15
Romsterwhat stage is it failing on stage 2 of the bootstrap?00:16
Romstercan you pastebin the process i can fire it up in a chroot and see what happens here?00:17
jaegerstage 100:17
jaegerIt's just a make bootstrap with the ISO makefile and the various package updates00:17
jaegerbinutils, gcc, glibc00:17
jaegermpc, gmp, mpfr are already current00:17
Romsterdo you have to do a minimal C compiler first or not needed since it's already not cross compiling00:17
Romsteroh your doing it that way on the iso.00:18
jaegerTheoretically not needed00:18
jaegerIt's being built on a working system00:18
jaegerbuilding new gcc, glibc, and binutils on a system with the older versions does sometimes cause trouble, so that may be what's going on here... but it's a good place to start because a lot of the work is already done00:19
Romsterbuild it in /opt and set paths accordingly?00:20
Romsterso that it links to the new stuff in /opt00:20
Romsterthen when that's done you can add that /opt/bin to PATH to build the iso00:21
jaegerstage 1 and 2 are done in chroots anyway00:21
jaegerI'll figure it out eventually, just odd00:21
Romsterit's been awhile since i've built a toolchain myself.00:22
Romsterby hand that is.00:22
Romsteri was in the process of making a chroot system for using prt-get sysup to do a in place build install of the toolchain, without having to mount the new iso and pkgadd -u the core ports.00:23
Romsterwith some root LV to be able to swap the root FS over on reboot.00:23
Romsterbut i didn't get too far before i lost interest on it.00:24
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horrorStrucktilman: cairo 1.12.0 is out [ release notes ], builds fine. a simple version bump is enough to update port. TIA22:49

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