IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2012-04-01

RomsterhorrorStruck, tilman has a bunch of things that need bumping, he hasn't got time currently.00:15
horrorStruckRomster: ok noted, would a patch help?00:56
horrorStrucki have some for alsa too00:57
Romsteri was thinking of doing the same for opt as i've done for xorg qt4 alsa cairo bumping01:20
Romsterand upload the patches so the respective maintainers can apply them.01:20
Romstergit clone git@fire:projects/vs.git01:32
Romsterset a PATH to src/bin/ make sure those scripts are executable, cd to /usr/ports/xorg or something and use up2date01:33
Romsterup2date-all wont upload for you but you can edit that to suit some local directory. if need be. the majority of the work is in vs.sed01:34
Romstersplitted format is pretty easy to work out01:38
Romster bc 1.06 rule=a-1.2.tar.gz bc 1 0601:38
Romsterurl name version rulename and the version string cut up for sorting.01:39
Romsteri'm aware that ftp has some issues still and the branches of example*/ have recently been broken i'm working to fix that.01:40
Romsterargh and nuts i'm on t he wrong channel god damn it...01:41
Romstersorry disregard all that.01:41
RomsterhorrorStruck, honestly though i don't know if that's a good thing to be doing with opt. xorg is it's own case altogether.01:44
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tilmanhorrorStruck: thanks05:38
horrorStrucktilman: you're most welcome06:04
frinnstI'm seeing some artifacts with the new cairo version in firefox, anybody else?16:28
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