IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2012-04-02

tilmanfrinnst: yep. font rendering is broken01:52
tilmanfrinnst: might also be due to the new ati driver though01:52
frinnstyeah, but i ran the new driver without the cairo update for about a day02:37
frinnstno issues02:37
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horrorStruckno issue with cairo here (intel), seems it's ati only, here's the bug report with some workaround:
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jaegerWoot. Just ordered 2 new SSDs08:27
horrorStruckthanks a lot for all the fresh ports :) just FTR, I got a mismatch for util-linux-ng: usr/bin/prlimit and usr/man/man1/prlimit.1.gz are new. TIA08:33
horrorStruckoh but wait, i did not get this on two other machines, please ignore me08:33
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horrorStruckhmm... I wonder if that's because I've rebuilt glibc against recent kernel headers08:38
jaegercould be. I had the same pop up in my bootstrap08:39
horrorStruckyeah looks like ---> This new util is very nice and flexible command line interface to prlimit(2) Linux syscall (supported since Linux 2.6.36) <--- and our glibc is built against 2.6.35.y IIRC08:42
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