IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2012-04-03

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horrorStruckjust out of curiosity, maybe this has been discussed in the past but do we really need python as a dep of alsa-lib? this pulls sqlite3 as well.03:34
Romsternot much point removing that unless you intend to want sound without xorg and no python?03:38
horrorStrucka terminal music player on a headless fileserver, why not? :P03:43
Romsteryou only miss usr/lib/alsa-lib/smixer/smixer-python.{la,so} without python.03:47
Romsterwonder how many things use that though03:47
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jaegerteK_: do you have any issues with gnu-efi failing when using parallel make jobs?08:03
jaegerit failed to create libefi.a for me a few times until I forced it to use make -j108:04
teK_hm prolly not as I'm using make -j6 or so08:12
teK_but I could force -j1 as its not that much code that's to be compiled08:12
jaegerdon't worry about it for now, might be a fluke of the bootstrap08:12
jaegerI'll play with it more08:13
teK_sure, just let me know08:13
jaegerok :)08:14
jaegeryay, new SSDs will arrive thursday08:23
jaegeronce I get the new SSDs I'll have another EFI machine on which I'll install crux08:44
jaegerI just didn't feel like dual booting on a 120GB drive08:45
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