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juehorrorStruck: as Romster said, glib >= 2.30 breaks building of our current atk, which is version 1.30.002:14
juewrt install-scripts: it's obvious, we cannot use them for ports/packages that are part of our ISO because we have no ports tree available at install time02:16
Romsteryeah i figured that out myself.02:18
juegood morning btw :)02:21
Romstermorning jue02:22
Romsteri haven't tested with 1.32.0 yet.02:26
jueit's the same, we have to update atk in the same run02:27
Romsteratk is for gtk1 is it not?02:27
Romsterbecause there is a 2.x branch of atk that's not being used.02:27
jueno, it's gtk202:27
Romsterso the 2.x branch of atk is for gtk3?02:28
jueno, the don't follow the version schema of gtk, I'm running 2.4.0 here02:29
Romsteroh right gtk1 doesn't use a separate atk02:29
Romsteras i remember it atk got splitted off gtk much like gdk-pixbuf did? or i'm totally confused in which case ignore me as i have a bad case of mixing everything up.02:30
jueyeah, that's right02:31
Romsterok i'm not going crazy then, thank goodness :D02:32
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Romstertilman, devtodo 404's source is on github now.06:01
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