IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-04-07

c0xtilman, ports/opt/libdrm depends on pciaccess (ports/xorg/xorg-libpciaccess), how about add it to libdrm/Pkgfile:'Depends''?00:24
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Romsterc0x, i reported that ages ago tilman is busy, but i'll remind him later.06:34
Romsterjust got home now i'm out again bbl06:35
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c0xRomster, I also found a set of ports which fail builds for various reasons:13:17
c0x unresolved dependencies, excessive concurrent (-j 5) 'make' jobs,13:17
c0xhardened environment with NOEXEC /tmp, typo's in Pkgfile, unusable download url's, etc.13:17
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Romsterc0x, pastebin the list of ports and why they fail please, error logs if needed19:46
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joe9love the current init but not the jue's init (though a lot more powerful). Are there any plans to migrate the current init to the init in jue's repo? is that the direction that crux is headed?21:25
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Romsteri'm on jues that isn't jues work he just packaged it. censos seems by sepen pitallo that they like certain features of rc-ng but not the bloat that it is.21:30
joe9oh, ok. so, rc-ng will not be crux in the future.21:31
Romsteras i understand it the functions will be (with clean up and in /etc/rc.d/functions). the services how it starts will be. can't remember about the rest.21:35

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