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frinnstI prefer the current init too06:34
frinnstcrux' init system is usually what i miss the most when working on other systems06:35
prologicbecause of it's simplicity?07:08
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c0xRomster, some minor issues on ports: , now I digging ports/kde4/*, that's take a while ;)08:00
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Romsterwe know about kmod already08:04
Romsterdon't even bother with xorg the majority is out of date i've forked it and bumped it for the time being until it's proven stable enough for xorg inclusion.
Romsterkmod is in core if you wish youc an pkgrm module-init-tools and add kmod08:06
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joe9and, there is systemd for the extra functionality.08:06
Romsteryou can*08:06
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Romsteri'll fix polyglotman in this fork mesa3d missing files is known about harmless to ignore.08:07
Romstertesting if xorg-xf86-input-elographics is ok.08:08
Romsterafter i'm finished with qt4 bump08:08
Romsterhmm reiserfs source needs fixing though... darn not putting everything back up after the break in.08:10
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Romsterc0x, while not offical if you want to for the time being add my httpup files in /etc/ports and add them above the official opt and xorg in prt-get.conf08:22
Romsteri wont bump everything in opt though, too much effort only stuff that i use.08:22
Romsterxorg-xf86-input-elographics#1.3.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.08:24
Romsterc0x, you can grab reiserfsprogs from here someone in core will fix the source shortly.08:45
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Romsterhi jue c0x noticed that the source for core/reiserfsprogs is missing you could shamefully use
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jaegerI put reiserfsprogs-3.6.21.tar.bz2 on temporarily and updated the core/reiserfsprogs URL21:21
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Romsterthat works for me :) thanks jaeger21:51
Romsteri really don't know the status of reiserfsprogs i don't even know where the project page is even.21:52
jaegerI poked around a bit before the update, it seems pretty well abandoned, as well as the source dir on kernel.org21:55
Romsterthat's what my conclusion came to as well.21:58
c0xcreator in prison, project staled, but FS stil supported by kernel21:59
Romsteri can see why tilma_n has not done any major changes now
Romsteryeah but the thing is hans was not the only dev on that project, ok he was the head dev but why wont someone else take over his spot then?22:00
Romsterc0x, you find anything else broken in ports? i have a feeling that kde isn't maintained in crux currently either.22:02
jaegerI've not heard anything recently about reiserfs4 either, seems both projects have quieted down22:03
Romsterstalled until hans is out perhaps?22:03
c0xanyway, I slowly move my servers on ext422:03
Romsterdoes anyone even know how long until he can go on per-role?22:04
Romsterif wife is that anoying why not break up, divorcee get a restraining order... would of made more sense...22:05
jaegerDoes anyone care? heh22:07
jaegerIf someone really wants the project to continue they'll fork and continue it. If not, whatever22:08
prologictis the open source way :)22:08
prologicpeople do things because they have an vested or personal interest in doing so22:09
prologicnot because of any financial gain22:09
prologicnecessarily :)22:09
c0xhaving a tin brain like me, and having created the directory instead of the file (var/lib/pkg/db) we come to an infinite loop and 100 % of CPU on pkgadd22:33
c0xno checks is 'db' dir or file in pkgadd -r /blah22:34
Romsterhrmm your probably the first to do that ever.22:36
Romsteradd a bug report to flyspray for pkgutils?22:36
c0xit on ext4, didn't try on other fs22:40
Romsterit's probably pkgadd assuming it's a file if it's writable22:41
c0x^C useless, ^Z & kill -9 %1 ;)22:47
Romster%1 last process created?22:50
c0xmost recent background job afaik22:53
c0x^Z - go bg, then kill that job22:53
Romsteri know most of that just not the %1 placeholder23:02
Romsteradded to command list23:02

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