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Romsterc0x, i've tested /every/ port in xorg to compile now.02:07
* c0x stuck in building core/perl: huge -j and/or insane LDFLAGS, investigating..02:12
Romsterwhat insane LDFLAGS are you using?02:25
Romsteralso pearl does not respect CC but i'm not going to bother with that.02:27
Romstertmp13006.c:17:7: error: 'struct stat' has no member named 'st_atimespec' NOT found.02:31
Romsterbut that was with make -j5002:31
Romsterseems fine on -j402:31
Romsterno one in there right mind wound use j5002:31
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c0x4 x 6-core Opteron, 33 jobs on 24 cpu02:35
Romsterdistcc or is this a single machine?02:36
c0x-j 25 ok, testing with 3002:37
c0xit's HP ProLiant DL785 G6 with 4 Six-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 843102:38
Romsterok we have a new winner over jaeger's system.02:49
c0xup to 25 jobs, CFLAGS="-march=nocona -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer" LDFLAGS="-Wl,-O1 -Wl,--as-needed" - builds ok02:49
Romsteri have found -Wl,--as-needed can break stuff.02:50
c0xI know that02:51
Romstergrr my transparent proxy is not refreshing some file i just changed recently...02:55
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juetester wanted:07:15
jueI've added a udev 181 port to my private repo07:16
juesome remarks:07:16
jue1) depends on kmod07:16
jue2) the required dir /run is created from the port, we should probably move that to core/filesystem07:17
jue3) mounting of /run as a tmpfs is done by /sbin/start_udev for now, probably better to do that in rc07:18
jue4) kernel option  CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y is required07:19
juethanks in advance ;)07:20
jaegerjue: I'll give it a try after my sysup finishes07:57
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jueanother note: I've removed the mknod calls from our port because copying nodes from /lib/udev/devices was removed from udev with a newer commit, see
jueI noticed no problem with that, but be warned08:18
jaegerok, good to know08:18
jaegerjue: working without trouble so far, I'll report again after a few days08:28
juejaeger: great, thanks08:41
joe9jue: i use /lib/udev/devices to create devices on startup. Should I be changing them to mknod scripts in rc.local?08:47
juejoe9: yes, udev will ignore them with the next release08:51
joe9jue: is there a smart way/script that can generate the required mknod script for a device?08:52
jaegerWhy is libdrm in opt instead of xorg?09:03
mike_k_joe9: "ls -l /dev/ppp | awk '{print $5 $6}'" shows major/minor device numbers. starting from here you can make up some script.09:15
c0xmike_k_, 'man stat' do much more09:43
joe9mike_k_, c0x  : thanks10:05
mike_k_though, that should be enough for mknod call10:09
jaegeroops. making a backup of a laptop works better when you plug it in10:19
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Romsterjaeger, libdrm has always been in opt, your telling me it should be in xorg? when the other day i moved two deps to opt in my own git fork to allow libdrm to build without xorg being present?17:25
RomsterI'll have to move things around if need be.17:26
jaegerI'm not telling anything, I'm asking why it's in opt17:28
jaegerdoes it belong there?17:28
jaegerI don't know, hence the question17:28
RomsterI don't know, but it's for DRM do programs use that not just the X server?17:45
Romsteri'll wait for tilman to answer that one before doing anything.17:49
Romsteroff to work later17:54
jaegerprt-get dependent --all only listed 2 things for me18:03
jaegermesa3d and libdrm-3218:04
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