IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2012-04-11

frinnsthas anybody tried to build openjdk? since oracle went full retard with the distribution of jdk/jre it might be worth looking at01:33
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jaegerNot I07:58
jaegerI've used it on ubuntu machines but not built it myself07:58
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Romsteri'm attempting to build openjdk08:52
Romsterit's not pretty.08:52
jaegerI'm attempting once again to build gnome 2.32.x, heh08:54
jaegerI may be a crazy person08:54
Romsteri /thought/ you gave up on that.08:57
jaegerI had, for quite a while... working on a freebsd box recently made me look into it again08:58
jaegerbecause even on the current freebsd release gnome 2.32 is in ports08:58
mike_ki think some of my randomly installed packages still depend on that gnome stuff (08:58
jaegerAny in particular?08:58
mike_kcan't remember exactly. but they do exist )08:59
jaegerWell, if I get these ports working again I'll publish them, but for now it's just speculation and test09:05
Romsteris there many testing the xorg ports i bumped? i'm not having any issues with this.09:17
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jaegerNot I09:20
pitillohere neither Romster... the last thing I'm testing is udev 181... and no problems since monday09:22
Romsteri know horrorSt1uck is09:24
Romstertesting a later version of fontconfig currently put the openjdk aside for another evening to continue on.09:25
juewrt udev: by mistake I've uploaded a port with version 181 to my repo, which meant to be 182, it's fixed now, sorry for the hassle09:28
jaegerwell, 181 works fine :)09:29
jue182 hopefully as well, at least for me it does :)09:30
jaegerI'll try it next time I reboot, it's installed now09:48
jaegerSurprisingly I have a gnome 2.32 desktop running again10:34
jaegerit's a bit minimal, only installed a few things, but it works10:34
sepenjaeger: nice!10:44
sepenI'm still testing xfce 4.10-pre10:44
sependid you have in mind to resume your gnome work?10:46
jaegerAnything cool with the new xfce?10:46
jaegerperhaps, I'm not sure yet10:46
sepenxfce 4.10 has another 'kernel'10:47
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sepenI really like their roadmap cycles and stuff10:49
jaegerhrmm, interesting10:49
sepenwell, time to go back home, see ya'10:49
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