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jaegerteK_: did I ever post that openvpn rc script I mentioned? At the time you were too busy to look at it08:52
teK_prolly not, could you?08:52
jaegerfeel free to adapt/change it if you like08:54
teK_thanks !08:54
jaegernp :)08:55
jaegerI've been using it for quite a while here08:55
jaegerI'm recreating my openvpn pki so thought of it again :)09:27
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tilmanfrinnst: did you investigate the broken font rendering with new ati driver?12:43
frinnstits a cairo issue12:44
tilmanfrinnst: thanks12:48
tilmanshould we downgrade the cairo port?12:48
frinnstwell, i think jaeger had some problems with it and chrome/chromium12:55
frinnstim ok with it, the workaround does the trick12:55
teK_jue: nvidia 295.40 out (fixing a local root vuln...)12:58
jueteK_: thanks, running it already here12:59
frinnstjue: running your tzdata port now with 2.1513:00
jueno issues?13:01
frinnstwell, my time displays correctly :)13:03
jueok :)13:06
jaegerI haven't run into issues with cairo 1.12 in other apps, so far only chrome13:08
jaegerbut it makes chrome MUCH slower, heh13:08
juefrinnst: btw, have you had the time to look at the new btrfs-progs version?13:08
juesame performance issues with nouveau and cairo 1.1213:10
frinnsti am using btrfs-progs 20120328-1 currently13:10
juewhat do you think, should we commit that version?13:11
frinnsti havent really done any operations with it yet13:12
frinnstbut i havent heard anything bad in #btrfs13:12
frinnsti could mount a non-critical array and play around a bit this weekend13:12
juecool, I'll wait unit next week in that case13:14
frinnstwell, no reason to wait13:14
* frinnst does a btrfs rebalance13:14
frinnstlots of block being relocated :)13:14
jaegeror corrupted :)13:15
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frinnstrunnig a btrfsck :)13:47
teK_this turns you on doesnt it13:47
frinnstit does, actually13:49
frinnstwanna see the output? :D13:49
tilmanfrinnst: updated btrfs-progs port is at ..?13:53
frinnstjue pasted it somewhere13:54
jueit's current git HEAD as of 2012-03-2813:55
frinnstonly have it installed at the moment, seem to have lost the port13:55
jueno new commits since that13:56
frinnstI dont think there would be an issue with pushing it though. most issues resides in the kernel driver13:56
jueok, I'll commit it13:57
frinnstas long as we dont include a fsck.btrfs symlink we should be fine (fstab/init)13:58
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frinnsthm, the manpage for btrfs seems a bit b0rked jue14:20
juehmm, what's the problem, looks fine at first sight14:27
frinnstmaybe something at my end then14:28
frinnstyeah, seems all man pages are broken :>14:28
frinnstESC[1mNAMEESC[0m etc :)14:30
frinnstrebuilding groff solved it14:32
frinnstsorry for the noise14:32
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