IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2012-04-24

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frinnstasdf, thought someone was interested in my bugs!01:47
frinnstthe disappointment01:48
frinnstwho cleaned it up?01:49
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sepenRomster cleaned some ones, and me the others, see yesterday's backlog or
frinnstgood man01:59
juegood morning02:01
jueuser zunse deleted from our flyspray02:08
juesepen, Romster: thx for the clean-up02:08
sepenjue: and email blacklisted?02:11
sepennp, I saw that when I checked my mail the last time, before going to bed02:15
juehmm, don't think that our version of flyspaey can do that02:16
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Romsteri did some but i ran out of time02:45
frinnstthe filed bugs still remains also, indexable?02:46
Romsteryeah they can be reopend...02:58
sepenjue: not our flyspray, but our postfix config maybe02:58
Romsterfinished nuking the spam comments03:01
juesepen: I've no idea about postfix, we should ask teK_ for that ;)03:22
sepensure, but imho there should be more than one admin/pivileged-user for that03:55
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teK_what's the matter with postfix? I thought FS got spammed?16:18
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jaegerI thought so as well, unless they were trying to say that the FS spam was being emailed in17:30
jaegerthough I didn't think the two were integrated17:30
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