IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2012-04-27

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jaegerIs there any actual maintained IRC bot software?07:43
jaegersupybot has been dead for years as far as I know07:44
jue_sorry, no idea07:44
jaegerAnother thing to put on my research list, heh07:44
sepenmaintained? I maintain my own bot07:44
jaegerDoes your bot log chat?07:45
sepensure ->
sepenand I was working sometime ago in a module to get last results from git repos, etc.07:45
jaegerdoes it log #crux and #crux-devel?07:45
sepenjaeger: no only was designed to log #crux-arm07:46
sepenreally KISS07:46
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sepenbut code could grow easily, I tried to do it modular07:46
sepenjust I coded the features I needed it07:47
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jaegerLooks pretty simple and clean07:51
jaegersepen: I have a 47 line python irc bot I wrote a couple years back just to see if I could... all it can do is connect and respond to pings, heh. Never developed it further07:53
sepennah, mine is too simple07:56
sepenI think we could share our efforts and try to write more features if required, and then see if we can adopt this bot to our channels07:57
sepensorry, need to go, 03:00pm here and should go back to home07:57
sepensee ya'07:57
jaegertake care07:57
jaegerI need to go do some work in our server room, anyway, in preparation for the new storage07:57
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sepenjaeger: now, at home08:37
sepenoh, I see .. server room08:40
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jaegersepen: the most useful feature I could see would be multiple channel support10:39
jaegerThough I don't mind setting one up myself if preferred10:40
sepenmultichannel would be a nice to have, yeah11:05
sepenjust I wrote this bot to learn, and maybe to have an example to later recycle parts, nothing serious11:07
jaegerunderstood :)11:09
sepenfor example to inspire me to start write this one:
sepenbut always learning11:18
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Romsterfrinnst, i thinkit was you that's using xorg-xf86-input-synaptics: -> new version to test21:39
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frinnstnope, not I22:09

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