IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-04-28

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Romstertilman, i just noticed this usr/share/man and there is REASDME files in that footprint too. url has changed to as well02:58
Romsterfrinnst, hmm might of been horrorstruck then02:58
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frinnstrunning latest 2.15.x git without any patches (except rpc)10:06
jueyeah, from what we can see by reading the mailing list the glibc development has entered a new and much more better stage ;)11:32
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jaegerGood deal :)12:57
frinnstjue, a bug that you had commented on will be closed in 2.15.1 :)13:29
frinnst"It hurts when I do this."  Then don't.  There is no need for a change.13:30
frinnst- Ulrich Drepper 2006-04-21 18:25:42 UTC13:30
frinnstbug was only filed almost 8 years ago13:30
frinnsthey, atleast it was fixed quicker than some mozilla bugs13:31
frinnststill see the ns-lookup crash bug thingy13:32
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Romsterso glibc 2.15.1 will be a milestone of outstanding bug fixes20:22
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