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teK_jaeger: yes I did but I did not figure out how to pass a root or other options03:19
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jaegerteK_: ok, that's what I was going to ask about :)08:39
jaegerteK_: in the other channel you said that was your experience as well, does that include the converting windows to GPT bit? :)08:40
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jaegerhrmm, seems there's a conflict between xfce-utils and libxfce4ui footprints now11:14
jaegerAh, I guess xfce-utils has been removed11:14
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teK_jaeger: I installed Win  4-5 times because of that shit..16:42
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jaegerteK_: ouch17:15
jaegerI converted my MBR layout to GPT before work this morning but haven't fixed the boot yet17:16
jaegerI was able to do that previously on my lenovo laptop without issue so I imagine I can do it again, I just don't remember the steps17:17
jaegerWill figure it out when I get home from work17:17
jaegerI switched my workstation to ubuntu 12.04 at work today, taking some getting used to17:20
jaegerI'm going to take the time to get used to unity, though, as most of our linux users will be using it soon between fedora 16 and ubuntu 1217:21
teK_yeah so you better get to know it17:21
teK_please help me out.. what's the crux equiv. of revdep-rebuild?17:23
teK_I just can't remember :o17:23
jaegerRD_VERBOSE=2 revdep 2>&1 | tee revdeplist.txt17:25
jaegeris how I usually run it17:25
jaegerit's in prt-utils17:25
teK_I don't have that. I already questioned myself :P17:25
teK_off to bed17:29
jaegertake care17:31
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