IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2012-05-02

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sepenjaeger: many thanks, finally I added multichannel support
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jaegersepen: cool. :) I was going to try to send you a patch for it this week but you beat me to it :)05:44
jaegersepen: do you mind adding your bot to #crux and #crux-devel to log them? the supybot software that clb uses is unmaintained and buggy, I have to restart it often =/ I would not mind getting rid of it05:46
sepenhmm I wanted to test the bot before06:30
sepenand I want to write a module for git commits, in a near future06:31
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sepenjaeger, botijo is here06:56
botijosepen: available modules are: log, sysinfo, notes06:56
botijosepen: module 'sysinfo' requires more arguments to be passed06:56
sepen!sysinfo help06:57
botijosepen: available commands for sysinfo module are: help, uname, free06:57
sepen!sysinfo uname06:57
botijosepen: Linux crux #1 Tue Oct 7 22:01:17 CEST 2008 i68606:57
frinnst13:59 -!- Irssi: Starting query in freenode with botijo06:57
frinnst13:59 <botijo> available modules are: log, sysinfo, notes06:57
sepenfrinnst: worked on privates too06:57
frinnsti did a ctcp version and it replied with a cmd list \o/06:57
jaegersepen: nice :)06:59
sepenin raw format (for now)07:00
sepenhmmm, I had an issue with log07:00
sepenI think due to a 'tab' syntax issue07:01
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jaegersepen: Also, no problem about the testing, it's not a rush at all07:03
sepenplease botijo, log this line now07:03
jaegerI haven't removed clb yet07:03
jaegerlooks like it works fine. :)07:04
sepennah, I'll move those tests to dummy channels07:04
sependon't like to fuzz this one07:04
jaegerno problem; if you need me to help with anything let me know07:04
sepensure, and thanks07:04
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sepenthis is the one we have in production for crux-arm07:05
jaegerI've seen it, it looks nicer than mine :)07:06
sepenwell, this afternoon I'll try again, now its time to eat07:07
sepenhmmm I'm trying to update vbox to 4.1.14 (after update also iasl to 20120320) but I got a weird error, gcc internal error any ideas?08:52
sepenand from configure I had 'Checking for compiler.h: compiler.h not found, OK.08:54
jaegerNo idea, sorry, I use the binary release08:54
sepenbinary uses hal?08:54
jaegerIt might, don't know08:55
sepenmaybe my vcenter crashed due to not enough memory, or I understand that now
sepenFree swap  = 0kB09:03
sepenI can't add more ram to this guest box, so now I'm trying with more swap...09:10
sepengcc eats around >1G compiling vbox :D09:11
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sepenjaeger: I was talking with vbox devs10:21
sepenproblem was RAM
jaegergood to know10:28
sepenthey said that the file failed here has 8000+ lines of code, pfffff10:31
jaegeryeah, pretty ridiculous10:33
sepenridiculous since all build requeriments for vbox depends on 1 file10:33
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