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juejaeger: using atk 2.4 for quite some time, no issues found yet06:10
juejaeger: same with gdk-pixbuf 2.26.0, glib 2.32.2, gtk 2.24.10 and pango 1.30.006:11
juebtw, is someone using procps 3.3.2 from my private repo?06:14
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jaegerjue: ok, been running those here as well (gtk+ prereqs, not procps) without trouble08:36
jaegerworking on toolchain updates as well, gonna spend some more time on that today08:39
deus_exwrt to latest glib/pango/atk/gdk-pixbuf, no problems so far.I also have gtk3, it coexists nicely with gtk2.09:04
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jaegercloog-ppl seems to be out of the picture now... now it's ppl and cloog with isl backend10:06
jaegerunrelated anecdote: on my SSD the difference between compiling gcc 4.6.3 in RAM vs on the disk with -pipe enabled is less than 20 seconds10:32
jaegertakes around 12m30s either way with -j8 on a core i7-2600k with 16GB RAM10:33
frinnstI suppose -pipe is pretty pointless for me since i already build in ramdisk10:52
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jaegerlooks like libjpeg needs a new source URL11:42
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jaegerA full bootstrap with gcc 4.6.3 (with ppl and cloog) and glibc 2.15 successfully finished here17:50
jaegeralso binutils 2.22, forgot to mention it17:51
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jaegeruploaded the packages to if anyone's interested19:12
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Romsterwill test later.21:42
Romsterdidn't get around to atk even yet21:43
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