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sepenI hate nerds05:41
sepenpfff just I wanted to help, but I don't like to be offended, he exhausted my patience pfff05:42
Romsterisa he even a nerd that doesn't kow where the .config file is for the kernel even though he has arch linux.05:42
Romsteris he*05:42
Romsterdamn my typing.05:42
sepennah, I'm worst, I'm spanish :D05:42
sepenI use /ignore for the first time in IRC05:43
Romstereh if they tick you off just pay them no attention.05:43
sepennah, /part from #crux is fine to me05:43
sepenI don't have enought time to waste it with nerds05:44
Romsteri must admit i had the same VFS no sync could not find blah blah issue for some time when i /first/ started using linux myself05:44
Romsternow i know better05:44
sepenfirst time using linux, but crux is targeted for experienced linux users05:44
sepenif you don't know how to compile a kernel just go to #kernel or similars not to #crux05:45
sepenor at least be polite with people05:45
Romsteri pretty much dived into the deep end with not much prior experience05:45
sepenyeah, me too Romster05:45
sepenbut always I tried to be polite and not to be like a nerd05:45
sepenand I want that for me too05:45
Romsteryeah no one will help someone that's rude.05:46
Romsteror wont listen -_- you told him missing FS earlier...05:46
sepenI think that we already do well enough trying to solve all kinds of questions05:46
sepenRomster: is dependent on the day you have, but to optimize the time at office .... I'm wondering about to use only #crux-devel05:47
Romsteri really think the compile kernel is a good filter to keep only those with enough knowledge to be able to get over the booting first hurdle.05:47
Romsteri notice you don't have as much time sepen05:47
sepenbut I fall into the same error one time, another one, ...05:47
Romsteri like to read the backlog but i'm on 24/705:48
sepenyep, me too05:48
Romsterif anything frinnst's images are at least tasteful05:48
Romsteroh that's neat...05:49
Romsteri have used that page but not like that way.05:49
sepensorry, this one
Romsteroh i made a nice little pkg-url script that lists all urls of package file too.05:50
sepenand to notify this one:
Romstercould be useful.05:51
sepennah wrote this little a long time ago, but worked05:51
sepenRomster: specially if you don't have an X session05:51
Romsteryeah indeed.05:52
sepenI used to use this when working on the server room, etc.05:52
Romsterthe feature i'm really missing is searching on jaeger's irc log05:52
Romsterlike i know of a url that was said x number of days ago by soemone but can't remember it. can't search so have to look at every day backwards to find it.05:53
Romsterdoesn't happen often though.05:53
Romsterwhile your active i don't know if you've seen my version sort recently it's making more progress
Romsterpretty easy to see what needs a bump.05:54
Romsterbut that's not the final layout though it'll be search-able later.05:55
sepenRomster: I'm on multilib?05:55
Romsterfilter by maintainer/repo/port05:55
Romsteryeah the maintainer lines never got changed in the other repos.05:55
Romster64bit keeps the maintainer line but adds arch maintainer line.05:56
Romstermultilib hasn't done that yet as it's not official or anything.05:56
sepenseems like a great idea05:56
Romsteryeah it's databased in sqlite atm.05:57
Romsteri've seperated the parsing urls for files and displaying the results. i'm working on a spider now.05:57
Romsteri'll colour the output too so it's easier to see the current version etc.05:58
Romsteri've been using this to keep my fork of xorg current
sepennah, css would help for that :D05:58
Romsteryeah class=foo in the html and a style sheet is how i will do it.05:59
Romsterfocus is on the spider and baseurls database table and fixing more of the regex to catch more of the file name strings.06:00
Romsterwhen it's more polished up a CLI tool to sed version= in Pkgfiles06:01
Romsterwith filtering to remove dev alpha beta releases and blacklist any version that's broken with a comment so we know why it's broken.06:01
Romsterbut that will be along way ahead yet.06:01
sepenyou'll need git for that :D06:02
Romsternot if i can follow the version numbering convention like odd numbers are dev.06:02
Romsterand anything with 90 in xorg is a release candidate06:02
sepennah, I wanted to say for develop that changesets06:02
Romsterhmm i don't quite follow could you explain that a little more.06:03
Romsteroh you mean to intergrate git into it for building and committing?06:03
Romsteri plan to keep git separate as the maintainer should test before commiting.06:04
Romsterit'll make seeing git diff easy though.06:04
Romsterbeen a long project i've been set on for a very long time.06:05
Romsteri just do a bit at a time else i'll get sick of it real fast.06:05
Romsterlike i can see taglib needs a bump
Romsterside effect of mirrors to the same file too.06:07
Romsteri know time is short so anything that can help is worth it.06:08
Romsteri should let you get back to work sepen :)06:08
Romsterdon't expect all the results to be accurate yet though it's missing a few regex's still.06:10
sepensorry, boss around me06:11
Romsterthat's ok i sort of expect that when your at work.06:11
sepenyeah, if helps is always welcome to me06:11
Romsterit's a pain to scroll down currently though i need to neaten he output up better06:13
Romsterbut it's better than the text file eyesore that it used to be06:13
Romsteri guess we all have our own projects that we enjoy making.06:14
sepenahhh talking about projects06:15
sepentake a look of safe-crux06:15
sepenwe added some useful features06:16
Romsterit's in your repo?06:16
sepenno no06:16
Romsteroh not in portsdb..06:16
sepenRomster: but you can just do 'sudo pkgmk -i' from the topdir of safe-crux06:17
sepenthanks to;a=blob_plain;f=Pkgfile06:18
Romsterah i like how you can override unpack_source06:18
sepenthanks to pkgmk design06:20
Romsteri'll take a look shortly06:20
sepenRomster: for example $ scx use crux-devel "ports -u && prt-get diff" works now06:21
sepenbut we're still working for next 2.7.3 version06:22
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Romster.3 already your ahead of i686 then06:39
Romsteri'll bbs06:40
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jaegerIt would be fairly easy to write a plugin for sepen's bot to store and search URLs, I'd think08:02
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Romsteri'm already half way there parsing html code.08:18
jaegerpython's regex module would make it pretty trivial08:19
Romsterhmm that would be more efficient than all the sed i'm doing now.08:20
Romsterusing a prper foo.sed script though.08:20
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sepenjaeger: index.php for the bot does it08:29
sepenof course is not an elegant way :D08:29
jaegerI was thinking more of something that could be used in-channel09:12
jaegersuch as "@url <search term>" or something similar09:12
Romsterhmm if you were to do that make sure it's a notice or private message to the user invoking it.09:17
jaegerI would support both public and private, there are use cases for both09:20
jaegerin most cases a private message or notice is fine but suppose you're trying to share a URL with someone else for documentation, etc.09:20
jaegerWould just build in some anti-spam timeout or something09:20
jaegeralternatively you could build a target specification into the command09:22
jaegersuch as "@url Romster <search term>"09:22
Romsteryeah that would work.09:23
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frinnstso yesterday at work I installed crux on one of our old bladeservers with a bmx2 nic. the fucker wouldnt bring up the nic because of missing firmware. This leads me to wanting to create a port of the linux-firmware repo12:54
frinnstgranted, in my case it wouldn't have helped much :)12:54
frinnstthoughts about splitting out firmwares for different products do different ports? or just one big tarball with everything?12:55
jaegerI'd say split them so you don't have a bunch that you don't need installed but on the other hand space is fairly cheap12:56
frinnstsomething like: firmware-radeon (currently radeon-ucode), firmware-nic perhaps12:58
frinnstcloning the repo takes ages.. 30kb/s asdf12:58
jaegerThe only one I use personally is one of the iwlwifi ones, not even the whole set12:59
frinnstseems there is a different license from every vendor. but the terms seems fairly similar13:00
frinnstanyways, i'll look into it13:02
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