IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-05-12

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frinnst--enable-obsolete-rpc \o/05:25
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juefrinnst: did you follow our discussion wrt pure/multilib lately?10:27
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frinnstno, from yesterday?14:47
frinnstseems I timed out at the end of the conversation14:52
frinnstbut I think i got the gist of it14:52
frinnstMy position is this: for home use I have zero need for multilib. However, at work I would require it. Simply because it seems all binary-only/proprietary binaries that exist for x86_64 are compiled with 32-bit crap in them too14:54
frinnstfor crux I think we should probably split out the toolchain from core and maybe maintain both a pure and multilib toolchain, selectable at install from the iso14:55
frinnstI dont know how easy it is to switch between, but I guess you cant easily switch from pure to multilib14:56
frinnstSo it would probably be sane to use multilib as the default platform, so to speak14:56
frinnstanyways, flexibility ftw14:57
frinnstSince i've yet to play around with multilib in a serious way I cant really say what the practical solution would be14:58
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