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cptnhey :)03:07
Romsterhi cptn03:09
Romsterothers should be here shortly if not already03:11
cptnok :)03:12
Romsterplanning a come back to crux :) ?03:16
teK_hey cptn and romster03:17
cptnRomster: no plans so far ;)03:18
cptnbut mainly because I lack the time03:18
cptnhi teK_03:18
Romsterhi teK_03:34
Romsterw2as worth a try we are low on numbers.03:35
cptnRomster: do you have access to the ML admin interface?03:58
cptnI sent a mail before (re-)subscribing to the crux-ml03:58
cptnso it got blocked03:58
cptnI resent it in the meantime, so the blocked mail should be removed from the queue03:59
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Romsteri think teK_  can04:02
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Romsterfrinnst, teK_ cptn is in da house say hi :) also morning to jue tilman and the rest of the guys, and jaeger should be still awake or perhaps just gone to bed by now.05:34
cptnlooks like everyone's on a prolonged Ascension leave05:41
cptnor early, rather05:41
Romsterfrinnst, teK_ and pt_st1 aka pitillo are active in the other channel #crux05:54
Romsterperhaps they lack highlighting in there irc client.05:54
pt_st1hey, regards cptn :)05:59
frinnstperhaps I was away on lunch? :)06:34
frinnsthi etc06:34
Romsterthe thought never occurred but yeah.06:37
jaegerIt was 05:34 here when you said I should still be awake or just gone to bed, heh07:06
jaegerI'm rarely up THAT late07:06
jaegeranyway, hi, cptn07:06
cptnhi jaeger07:07
jaegerhow have you been?07:07
cptnpretty good07:07
cptnbusy with work lately07:07
Romsterah i keep losing track of times of everyone here.07:07
jaegerI know the feeling :)07:07
cptntoo bad I didn't make it to Tulsa BTW :)07:08
jaegerI'm taking 3 days off this week (this is #2) but I've been really busy the last 2 or 307:08
jaegerNo worries, maybe next time :)07:08
jaegerlast 2 or 3 weeks I meant, that was horrible english :P07:09
cptnjaeger: care to delete my post to crux@ from the mailman queue?07:09
cptnI've already sent it again07:09
cptnafter (re-)subscribing07:09
jaegerI'll see if I can, not sure if I can remember the mailman login info07:09
jaegerhrm... I could change the list passwords but not retrieve the current one =/07:11
jaegerSeems like a common security method :)07:12
jaegerI've been out of the main crux loop for a while so I didn't need to remember the password, sorry07:13
cptnprobably because people use the same password everywhere07:14
cptnso retrieving it would open all kinds of doors :)07:14
jaegerwell, if nobody remembers it we can create a new one easily, at least07:14
cptnI can remember the one we had a loooong time back07:15
cptnI can try that07:15
jaegerWhat are you working on at work these days?07:18
cptngetting temperature and humidity sensors into mobile phones07:19
cptnfocussing on Android for now07:20
cptnso basically everything from kernel drivers to Android apps07:20
cptnwhat about you?07:20
jaegersounds neat07:21
jaegerMostly network storage and 10GbE networking lately07:21
cptnit's a nice mix, doing very low level stuff but also some pretty apps you can show your family and friends07:21
cptn"so THAT's what you're doing" lol07:21
jaegercool :)07:21
cptnalso, I can do some travelling to visit customers and partners07:22
cptnfun stuff07:22
cptnwas in California three weeks ago07:22
jaegerSounds like a great combination07:22
cptnJapan/Korea earlier07:23
cptnearlier this year, that is07:23
jaegerAs long as you get time to rest in between trips. :D07:23
cptnheh, true07:23
jaegerAFK for a few, time to shower07:24
jaegerwow, I finally found a problem with SSD cloning07:48
jaegerwell, it's bad software, but still07:48
jaegerbad windows software, even07:48
Romsterwindows is always bad.07:48
jaegerthe Samsung SSD Magician can't find my drive because it's finding some serial number from the previous intel SSD I think07:49
jaegersomething in the registry, I bet07:49
jaegerI wonder if there's some way I can fix it or if I'll need to reinstall windows for that07:50
jaegerNot a big deal if that's the case, it doesn't take long07:50
Romsteri had to laugh today, server at some business was flacking it out not that old on site service, replaced motherboard but all the software was a royal pain because it all compalined that it's no the same computer as it was installed on, and not all of the stuff is activated yet got too late to ring the respected companies.07:52
Romsterhad it been linux swap board reboot job done...07:52
Romsterprobably some SUID in the registry, search for the hdd model of the old hdd.should be in HKLM/Hardware/Currentcontrolset/...07:54
Romsteror you might be able to unhide all devices in device manager and then remove it that way.07:55
Romsterset the environment variable DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES to 1 before you open Device Manager, then open Device Manager and select Show Hidden Devices.07:58
Romsterhad to do that a few times in the past.07:58
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sepencptn? hey, glad to see you here09:53
cptnhey sepen :)09:56
cptnunfortunately I was about to leave09:56
sepennah, I'm reading the backlog now, take care09:59
sepenjue: thanks for your answer, the fact is that I confussed ssl.h from openssl with the one in nss/ssl.h10:05
cptnok, I'm off10:07
cptnhave a great day :)10:07
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teK_jaeger: my mouse problem was a mouse problem. going to replace it18:53
jaegerteK_: hah, ok19:31
jaegerteK_: did you see cptn's question about his mail to the crux@ ML before resubscribing?20:47
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