IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2012-05-17

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teK_jaeger: I only checked the postfix mailqueue12:06
teK_probably mailman would have been the right place to lookk12:06
teK_anyone got makeinfo installe?12:12
teK_can't find the port providing this12:12
teK_just did a random whois for a .tar.gz download from crux.nu12:24
teK_descr:          TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd.12:24
teK_the diversity in countries is awesome :-)12:29
jaeger heh, nice12:31
teK_russia, turkey,sweden, japan, usa12:32
teK_italy.. etc12:33
teK_but only one german IP (mine) :p12:33
frinnstRheinland Japan?13:15
frinnstgermany or japan? :)13:15
teK_German Company in Japan :)13:16
frinnstmind. blown.13:27
frinnstdamnit, i think i was supposed to look into something this weekend. but i've forgot what it was :/13:31
teK_putting your server into maintenance mode? ;>13:31
frinnsthaha, fuck you!13:32
teK_because you were told you sucked? (which you don't)13:32
teK_afk, lalala13:33
frinnsthehe thanks. but it wasnt a big deal. just forgot to put a server in maintenence mode in our monitoring software (zenoss) before a reboot. it resulted in a shitload of emails warning us that a server was down :)13:34
teK_did you give zabbix and nagios a try, too?14:04
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teK_uh oh16:10
teK_server down?16:10
teK_back again :>16:12
tilmanteK_: TUV as in tuev? o____O16:27
tilmani had no idea we (as in germany) 'exported' the tuev business =)16:28
teK_there was some (stupid) business wit TUEV just recently16:29
teK_but I don't remember what it was16:29
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