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teK_jue: no idea why my mail was cut off (read: I just stopped typing)05:11
teK_why does rejmerge want to upgrade my sudoers file?05:37
teK_I have this in pkgadd.cconf:05:37
teK_UPGRADE   ^etc/sudoers$  NO05:37
frinnst oO06:33
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juetilman: sorry for the hassle, but reverting the libdrm update seems the best solution for now08:14
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tilmanjue: i can build mesa just fine09:03
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tilmanjue: can you give me the error message that you're seeing?09:03
Romsterhmm let me retry again...09:10
Romsterit did fail for me.09:10
tilmanretry with the port from the xorg repo09:17
Romsteryeah that builds old version no nouveau the issue is with the nouveau driver. so it's as far as official crux is concerned not a bug.09:21
Romsterbut as far as newest mesa3d it's lagging behind libdrm just have to wait for mesa3d to catch up.09:22
juetilman: yeah, it's only a nouveau issue09:31
juemesa 7.10.2 without the nouveau driver builds just fine09:32
jueso nothing to do for you ;)09:34
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Romsterjue, you can use my version_update/xorg if you like i got libdrm and mesa3d in there that builds with nouveau on libdrm 2.4.3309:43
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jueRomster: thanks, but latest nouveau needs libdrm 2.4.33, that was the reason why I asked tilman for the update09:46
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juefwiw, mesa3d from git works09:48
juewill update the mesa3d-nouveau port in my private repo with it09:49
Romster2.4.33is what i got currently.09:52
Romsteryeah i gathered mesa3d from git would work i'll wait for a release09:52
Romsteroh you did a typo on 33/3409:53
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