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jaegerI'm backing up all the crap on my linux server here at home to play with it as an ESXi host for a few days, should be interesting15:28
jaegerIf it turns out I can do all the stuff I need in VMs then I'll replace my 2 linux boxes and firewall here with that ESXi host and sell/donate some of the unused hardware to the local LUG or something15:29
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teK_tilman / rest: epdfview compilation error. anyone else?
RomsterteK_, Building '/usr/ports/packages/epdfview#0.1.8-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded20:07
Romsterbut i had to depinst gtk2 (missing dependency)20:08
jaegerI'll check out nvidia-32, need to push updates for libdrm-32, openssl-32, and sqlite3-32 anyway20:52
jaegerJust working on my virtualized server first20:52
Romsterk no problem21:00
jaegerbleh... gonna have to find a fix for vmware tools with 3.2 kernels or go back to a 2.6 kernel for now21:05
jaegerI wonder why udev's cdrom alias generator isn't working, on a side note21:08
Romster/dev/cdrom exists here ok21:10
Romsteri only use /dev/sr0 though but i know programs look for them symlinks21:10
jaeger$ ls -la /dev/cdrom /dev/sr021:10
jaegerls: cannot access /dev/cdrom: No such file or directory21:10
jaegerbrw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 11, 0 May 19 21:06 /dev/sr021:10
jaegerI prefer to use the cdrom link but it's not being created... will figure that out later, vmware tools first21:10
Romsterupdate udev and rejmerge might of missed a change?21:10
Romsteri'm still on rc-ng too.21:11
jaegeroh, you know what? It's because this is a fresh install and it's running 175 instead of 18221:11
jaegerwe hadn't added the rule generator yet21:11
Romsterbeen poking around in it and i must agree it's over complex.21:11
jaegerduh, I'm stupid21:11
Romsterlol, at least it's a easy fix knowing what you missed.21:12
Romsterbumped wine: 1.5.2 -> 1.5.421:18
Romsteri've been a bit lazy there.21:19
Romsterbuilt ok here too.21:19
jaegeroh snap, the updated esxi 5.0.0u1 tools work great with 3.2.x, solved that problem more easily than I expected21:25
jaegerwill still need to shutdown the esxi host and upgrade it but the tools are backwards-compatible21:25
Romsterwhen i hit a issue i look for a new version first.21:25
jaegerI sometimes do, sometimes don't, depends on the software. In this case that was the solution21:26
Romsterwhat was them ports you bumped on your machine atk and ... glib too? i've been meaning to try the whole glib bump again to see if i can run a newer version21:33
jaegerglib, gtk, atk, pango, gdk-pixbuf21:33
Romsteri tried a few months ago and hit a brick wall on oen port that i don't remember now.21:34
jaegerI haven't hit any yet but I don't run as much stuff as you do, I think21:34
Romsterif anyone is going to hit a problem it's usually me21:34
Romsteri've been thinking of reinstalling fresh on my pc one day.21:35
Romsteri got so much junk floating around since 2005 and cnverted from crux to hvl and back again then to multilib and different init systems.21:35
jaegerMight forestall a  lot of weirdness and/or trouble to reinstall, heh21:37
Romsteratk 1.32.021:37
Romsteryeah i'm thinking that.21:37
Romsteralthough i have removed a bunch of files that wern't being tracked by pkgutils21:38
Romsteri do keep everything tracked i hate not having something packaged even if only to test it.21:39
jaegerthat's what I've got out of sync currently21:39
Romsterhmm your on atk 2.4.0 i'm still on the 1.3.x branch21:40
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Romster just those ports you mentioned with pkginfo -i |egrep '(glib|gtk|atk|pango|gdk-pixbuf)'21:45
jaegerok, rebooted my main box into crux now, will test the builds21:46
Romsteri now i got a few -32 out of sync versions to fix.21:47
Romsterwith so much todo i get a bit lazy and need a rest.21:47
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jaegerI'm hesitant to push the nvidia-32 update before frinnst pushes the opt-x86_64 version, might get some version mismatch issues21:58
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Romsterperhaps i bumped both locally on my pc22:05
Romsterwhen i did the kernel bump22:05
jaegerwine built fine this time22:09
jaegerok, pushed the other updates, all except nvidia-3222:13
Romsterpushed mpg123-32: 1.13.6 -> 1.14.222:46
Romsterok now i'm off later22:46

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