IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2012-05-20

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horrorStruckhi #crux-devel06:45
horrorStruckjue: fwiw, i've been using your procps on 3 machines without any trouble06:45
frinnstwhat differs?07:09
horrorStruckfrinnst: it's procps-ng as the original one is more or less dead07:32
frinnsthmm, top looked a bit wierd, they swapped the '%' around :)07:38
horrorStruckthat's the main feature07:39
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juehorrorSt1uck: thanks for testing and the info, they released 3.3.3 today, will bump core/procps soon ;)10:21
juefrinnst: I've asked you that already, but looks like you missed it, so again: have you seen ticket #824?10:24
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frinnstnow i have15:55
frinnstjue: yep fails to build currently and including unistd.h solves it15:56
frinnstlooking over the orphaned ports-page. isnt it about time we start to clean out abandoned ports ? some have been unmaintained since 2.5/2.616:15
frinnstone would think that if someone was interested they would have picked them up by now16:15
frinnstisnt kqemu deprecated btw?16:16
frinnstsweet.. 4 day weekend and now, 11pm on a sunday i start to feel the urge to do something constructive16:17
frinnstscumbag brain16:17
frinnstI can adopt cdrkit since it needs to stay in opt16:19
jaegeryeah, probably would be good to get rid of the old stuff16:23
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