IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2012-05-22

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juejaeger: are your udev problems from yesterday solved?10:22
jaegerI have no idea whatsoever what the problem is10:34
jueis there an easy way to reproduce the error?10:38
jaegerVery easy. I delete the partition table on the virtual disk, reboot, partition it, and it doesn't create the partition device nodes10:39
jaegersame every time10:39
jaegerIt's only the installer environment that has the problem, though, I cannot duplicate it on an already-installed system10:41
jaegerIf I use busybox's mdev after partitioning it will create the devices but udev won't10:41
jaegerthe kernel sees the proper partitions the whole time, just no devices get created by udev10:42
juehmm, just looked over our iso.git, not sure if we need a modification to etc/rc10:55
jueare you using this one ->
jaegeryeah, that's the one10:56
jaegerdo we need to use /sbin/start_udev instead?10:56
jaegerAh, looks like some special handling is done there, I'll try it10:57
jueI'd suggest to mount /run as tmpfs like we do it in start_udev10:57
juebefore starting udevd10:58
jaegerThat gives me somewhere to start, at least, thanks for pointing that out10:58
juenp, hope it helps ;)11:00
jaegerI will do more testing after lunch, gotta go meet someone11:10
jaegerthough a quick manual test (udevadmin control --exit && /sbin/start_udev) seems to verify it works11:11
jaegerI created partitions and saw the devices afterwards :)11:11
jaegerWill double-check when I get back but so far that looks right, thank you again11:11
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jaegerjue: ok, it's fixed now, thanks!12:28
jaegerI'm going to have to fix how the media is mounted, though, because the symlink I set up in the initramfs init script gets destroyed by devtmpfs now12:41
jaegeranother thing I was thinking about doing on the install media is an autologin for the root user12:43
jaegersaves the user having to type root to login before installation12:43
jaegerAlso, is there any reason I can't set the hostname on the install ISO? To "crux" for example13:14
jaegerJust looks better than "(none)"13:14
jaegeruploading a new -updated x86 ISO, would appreciate if someone can test it :)15:07
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jaegerof course some packages have been updated in the time I've been failing to understand udev, but not many15:19
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