IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2012-05-23

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rmullFedora switches to the libusbx fork of libusb. Reasoning is that the original libusb is being poorly governed/maintained/updated. Is it worth considering a replacement of libusb with libusbx in crux core?
rmullNote that I haven't looked into it that deeply...09:24
Romsteri'm not even aware of it until now.. been that out of linux with work and all.09:25
Romsterhaving read your text i agree libusb isn't moving anywhere.09:25
rmullRomster: Yeah, I only heard about it today09:41
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juejaeger: updated my laptop with your new iso today, went smoothly, not problems at all10:59
juermull: don't see a reason to do anything right now, the last update of libusb was around a month ago, so I wouldn't say it's poorly maintained11:01
juermull: anyway, thanks for the hint11:01
rmulljue: Sure, just getting it on the radar11:04
juermull: indeed13:03
jaegerjue: glad to hear it, thank you13:34
jaegerI did test it here as well but there have been times when a different configuration has had a problem or the like13:35
teK_wireshark security udate \o/ /me pokes tilman14:57
teK_frinnst: it seems to be IN style to not include the wording 'security fix' in commits14:57
teK_this just sucks14:57
frinnstyeah I hate it too14:57
frinnstI subscribe to the debian sec. ml.. it's usually informative14:58
teK_at least the code gotshorter :P14:58
frinnstkeeping track of kernel bugs by reading only the changelog is also impossible15:00
frinnsterr, kernel security issues asdf15:00
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