IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2012-05-24

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juesepen: we had some talks about pure/multilib x86_64 here, you possibly read that in the logs, did you?02:40
juefrinnst: but now read your hint about libxml2 above, would be worth a [notify], but well ... ;)03:08
Romsterbusted :P03:25
sepenjue, sorry not all the conversations03:42
sepenthis week has been especially hard at office, and for the next week I'll have less work03:43
juesepen: sorry, have to run now, back in some hours03:46
sepenok, later I think I'll have some free time here03:46
sepenso I'll read the backlog, any interesting day?03:46
Romstercan't remember grep for multilib04:12
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teK_I'm going to offline until June 2nd14:23
jaegerHave a good vacation :)14:29
teK_hope so :}14:29
teK_and thanks14:30
jaegerlibxml2 has a missing dependency on xz14:33
jaegerI suppose I could fix that if nobody objects14:38
teK_you (core-contrib maintainers) are officially granted the right to fix my packages during the next week, too :P14:39
jaegerDuly noted. :)14:39
jaegerRomster: what uses libxml2-python-32? I have nothing in my ports that does14:57
jaegeractually, I'll wait for jue to change libxml2, it's listed as maintained by him, not the core group15:08
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jaegerRomster: looks like the problem with the python headers is that they're simply not arch-agnostic or ABI-agnostic.. with that said I think only pyconfig.h is needed, though I'm not sure15:21
jaegerRomster: with that said, all it takes to fix the port is to add the missing ".32bit" file, I would imagine15:28
jaegerupdated and pushed15:34
frinnstisnt even the zlib dependency redundant får libxml2?15:35
frinnstsince they are both in core15:35
jaegerI suppose so, it's only a problem in multilib15:36
jaegeroops, I put xz-32 into opt in multilib instead of core15:37
frinnstheh, i've done something similar too :D15:39
jaegeryeah, annoying mistake but easy to fix, we all make them :)15:40
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Romsterjaeger, i can't recall what that was added for now... it was for something i'll search more on this weekend.21:42
jaegerok. anyway, it builds now21:46
Romsterta just noticed you rebuilt it, i should of added a commit message so i know what that was for.21:49
Romsterand i must of forgot to add the .32bit file too.21:52
Romstergit add that as i got it here in the directory.21:53
Romsterbbl work21:58
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