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sepenteK_: nmap depends on subversion to build nmap-update's stuff (this report is for ARM but I found the same issue on x86/x86_64)01:59
sepen--without-nmap-update fixes that, or just some notes in a README advertising like does git/README for git-gui and gitk02:00
Romsterah that's what provides them two files, update the footprint to not include them two files add a README as sepen mentioned.03:56
frinnstthe footprint does not include them03:56
Romstershouldn't need to touch the configure options. as it's a soft dependency03:56
Romster=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:03:57
RomsterMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/nmap-update03:57
RomsterMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man1/nmap-update.1.gz03:57
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/nmap#6.00-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.03:57
frinnstoops :)03:57
frinnstthought it was the other way around :p03:57
Romsterthe person built it on there system than in a chroot.03:58
Romsteri wonder if all footprints should be generated like how joe9 does it in his private git tree with a buildbot.03:58
frinnstthats probably a bit over the top i think04:01
sepenwe are persons, CRUX is not the only thing on our lives ;D04:07
Romsterthat's why i suggested that saves time and effort.04:26
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rmullRomster: What's his buildbot do? Are his scripts published?08:23
Romsteri haven't seen them builds all his ports from git makes the md5sum for the source and the footprint.08:24
rmullHm, okay.08:25
Romsteri nearly have that now just not automated.08:25
Romstertoo much burnout and literally got pain lately to not want to do a lot on the crux front, but i'l get back into build my own buildbot later on. on top of the chroots i got now.08:27
rmullSounds good08:27
rmull(Not the burnout)08:27
Romsterboss is away i'm doing extra work and i can't even get everything done in the workshop because i'm out at businesses fixing copiers.08:28
Romsterand wisdom teeth suck....08:31
rmullGetting them pulled out?08:32
Romstermight have too. don't know yet.08:32
Romsterbut really crappy timing when we are short staffed and i'm the only one doing the copiers..08:33
Romsteruntil boss is back from his holliday.08:33
jaegerI created an ISO buildbot but it's not stable enough due to source URLs fluctuating so much :(08:35
jaegerSo my next project will be to create an automatic distfiles mirror08:36
jaegerHaven't had time yet08:36
Romsterdone that nearly too.08:36
Romsterpart of my version sort/spider i've been working on.08:36
Romsterneeds more work on checking for changes to files yet though.08:37
Romsterbuild bot for iso is one thing but what about the entire core opt contrib xorb perhaps even xfce08:38
jaegerDon't care about those, myself :) Someone else can do that, heh08:38
Romsterthat someone is probably going to be me. i'm heading in that direction.08:39
jaegerperhaps you, sepen, and joe9 should collaborate on it, seems like all of you have done some parts of it (builtbots, safe-crux, etc.)08:40
Romsteryeah i think the names mentioned and pitillo as well. have done similar things.08:41
Romsteri've jumped in to the very deep end with this version sort though, it's not a easy one to get right. the chroots are easy todo. testing is pretty easy, it's managaing source files and mirrors and seeing new versions. then to automate bumping ports and testing. what will build and what needs extra work done to build.08:43
Romsterseparate from the testing of committed ports of course.08:43
Romstermaybe later i'll collaborate my work but i think i pretty much got what sepen and joe9 has now. all i'm lacking is testing new toolchains that frinnst and yourself jaeger have been doing.08:45
Romsterheck i still haven't tested newer atk and friends yet.08:46
rmullIf upstream maintainers provide pgp signature files, should we check those as part of our Pkgfile routine, or is the md5sum assumed sufficient08:51
Romsterit is my opinion that the maintainer has sufficiently checked the source files.09:14
Romstereither by sum or signature09:14
Romsteri make sure the sum/signature comes from the projects home, and not one of it's mirrors.09:18
Romsterunless mirror is the only way and is mentioned to be their mirror.09:19
Romsterthat sort of stuff in crux is not well checked other than if the sums missmatch when users download it.09:20
rmullAre we doing anything about signing packages by crux port maintainers? I really really want to.09:21
rmullIIRC there was some noise about it in the past but nothing ever came of it09:21
Romsternot what i'm aware of.09:21
Romsterperhaps bring it up on the ML again.09:22
Romsteri'll comment later i'm getting ready for bed if i can sleep though this pain09:24
rmullGood luck, man09:24
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