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Romsterjaeger, you know the other time you were talking about missing nodes for cdrom etc... i can't find my /dev/dvd node....02:54
horrorStruckthis mdev thing sounds sexy, how painful would that be to convert an existing system into using mdev?02:54
Romsteri'm getting sick of udev to be honest.02:54
Romsteri haven't changed anything other than prt-get sysup02:54
Romsterno idea but if it works i'd be willing to change.02:55
horrorStrucki dont have any issues ATM but I don't like what's happening02:55
Romsterwhat's meant to make the dvd node anyways?02:55
horrorStruckcan't you just use /dev/sr002:55
horrorStruckor something broke becaus eof this?02:56
horrorStruckor recreate the symlimk02:56
Romsteri have a /dev/cdrom node though strange...02:56
Romsterxine-ui looks for /dev/dvd02:56
Romster/lib/udev/write_cd_rules i most likely need a dvd one and edit a few lines in it?02:59
horrorStrucki have this in fstab on the HTPC, works fine: /dev/sr0                /mnt/cdrom              iso9660 ro,user,noauto,unhide                                   0       002:59
horrorStrucknd similar stuff for dvd03:00
Romsterbut why is not not labeled as optical these days due to the whole cd,dvd,blu-ray ordeal.03:00
Romsteryeah that's for mounting stuff got that. but to read a dvd movie disc when you press the dvd button in xine-ui03:00
horrorStruckwhat if you just create a symlink to /dev/sr0 ?03:01
Romsteryeah but why does udev not do this now when it used to?03:02
horrorStruckah good question :D03:02
RomsterI can bandaid it but why...03:03
horrorStruckupstream most likely03:03
Romsteri guess they now require the user to do this themself KERNEL="sr0", NAME="sr0", SYMLINK="dvd"03:04
RomsterENV{ID_CDROM}=="?*", ENV{ID_PATH}=="pci-0000:00:11.0-scsi-1:0:0:0", SYMLINK+="dvd", ENV{GENERATED}="1"03:10
Romsteri have that in my generated rules though...03:10
Romster there is no reason why all them symlinks are not there.03:13
horrorStrucki really dont know much on this topic, any group permission maybe?03:14
Romsterit's in disk and i'm in that group but03:14
horrorStruckfails with root too?03:15
Romsteror should i say cdrom group.03:15
Romsteri made the symlink it works but i see no reason why uev should only make cdrom and not all them symlinks to sr0 as in that file.03:15
Romsterthe pciid's all match the same.03:16
Romsterhas to be a bug in my opinion.03:16
RomsterhorrorStruck, it's udev only making the first symlink then not doing the rest, it's not a permission issue.03:22
horrorStruckindeed I just have /dev/cdrom on this htpc machine. but it reads dvds just fine. again, i dont know much on this topic.03:35
Romsterxine looks for /dev/dvd node, your probably using the sr0 node directly.03:36
horrorStruckfwiw, i use xbmc on this machine03:37
jueinteresting to see if something like that will be accepted ->
horrorStruckif not then we should keep our mdev tarballs ready :P04:39
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Romstereject: unable to eject, last error: Inappropriate ioctl for device05:39
Romstercurse you optical drive05:40
Romsterif it's not accepted just patch it ourselfs?05:43
jueRomster: would be the worst option, because we have to maintain the patch by ourself after that08:36
juewill see what happens, if they reject the patch it's more than a sign ;)08:39
jaegeruploaded a new multilib ISO10:47
juejaeger: running my laptop with mdev currently, though not much tested right now11:21
juethe biggest change was to disable autoloading (=udev) with x11:22
jueand using the mouse/kbd driver instead of evdev, but should be possible to get it running with evdev11:23
juelooks like it is doable as a last resort ;)11:24
jaegerIt seems more and more likely that udev will be unusable soon11:26
jueyeah, my impression as well11:29
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horrorStruckjue: if you have the will and the time, would you mind creating a mini-howto on switching to mdev? i'd be happy to test it but i really do not feel confident to do the move without a mdev on crux for dummies guide. TIA19:42
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