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horrorStruckjue: I just saw your reply on morpheus backlog, so just wanted to say thanks :)01:48
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teK_could any op kickk hawksbill?02:59
Romsteris he still going on...03:00
Romsterdamn power outage03:00
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jaegerlooks like he got it sorted08:12
jaegergah, cairo 1.12 is so slow09:02
frinnstmm :(09:15
jaegerIt may be cairo+nvidia, not sure. I need to do a side-by-side comparison on my x220 with the intel GPU09:17
jaegerdowngrading cairo to 1.10.2 fixes all my problems, though, for the short term09:17
juejaeger: you are using the nvidia binary driver?09:28
teK_jaeger: please elaborate on 'slow'. What's slow for you?09:28
jueI had performance problems with cairo/nouveau, but that was fixed with 1.12.1 or .209:30
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juehmm, still no response of Kai Sievers to the systemd-build-only-udev patch :(09:32
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teK_I volunteer to (publicly!) maintain it in case it gets turned down!09:35
jueI'm getting more and more the impression that the only purpose of the whole systemd/udev merge was to force people to use systemd09:35
frinnstjue yeah09:36
teK_you cannot expect an open and honest answer from the authors to that question I fear09:36
juebut I'm quite sure that most of us can live just fine with mdev, not sure if that would be a good idea for CRUX as the default09:40
jueuntil now I found only two "issues":09:42
jue- no autoloading of kernel modules09:42
jue- no autoloading of devices in Xorg09:43
jueat all not a problem for _me_ ;)09:44
rmullautoloading of Xorg devices? what does that mean?09:44
rmulldoes that affect evdev?09:44
jueif xserver is compiled with udev support, X loads the required drivers without configuration09:45
juethat doesn't work with mdev09:45
juefor me mdev has one real advantage: it doesn't do things magically in the background09:47
rmullWhat happens when you plug in a USB drive? does it get a major/minor?09:48
juebeause of that it's very CRUX alike ;)09:48
teK_I have always bin unsatisfied with auto-magic-plugin-in stuff in linux ..09:49
jueyeah, that works if you configure mdev as the kernel hotplug agent09:49
rmullThat's all I really need09:49
teK_just executing a script with different parameters on (un)plugging my GFs iPod was.. nevermind..09:49
jueteK_: yeah, but that is/was mostly udev :(09:50
horrorStruckjue: does mdev handles firmware (like wireless chipset ones) loading nicely at this point?09:59
juesorry, not tested yet10:01
jaegerI think that's handled more by the kernel but I'm not 100% sure on that10:01
juejaeger: yeah, right10:02
horrorStruckjaeger: you can "build" firmware inside the kernel but otherwise udev does this10:03
horrorStruckwell it;s just a guess but when i was playing with udev (and nothing else) my wireless chipset firmware wasn't loading properly10:04
juehorrorStruck: are you sure?10:05
horrorStruckjue: almost10:05
jaegerjue: I will be surprised if Kay responds to the patch with anything other than "no thanks"10:05
jaegerit's the opposite of the way systemd+udev is going10:05
horrorStrucksome randoms sites seem to confirm the udev loads firmware stuff10:08
horrorStrucki said random, you have been warned: isn't what I'd really call random but noted :)10:10
horrorStruckor hazardous maybe?10:11
jueseems to work, see here ->
juesection FIRMWARE10:12
jaegerhehe, we were looking for the same thing in different places, it seems10:12
horrorStruckah yes, exactly that, nice!10:12
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jueFWIW, firmware loading works with mdev, just tested with my laptop and a intel ipw2100 wlan adapter12:36
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horrorStruckgreat news, I'm going to try that earlier than I thought12:43
juehorrorStruck: not a big issue at all, create a symlink busybox -> mdev, save as /sbin/start_mdev and replace the call to start_udev in /etc/rc with start_mdev12:48
juedon't forget to add the modules you need to /etc/rc.modules ;)12:49
horrorStruckjue: thanks a lot! that's all that should be done to get this to work?12:50
juehorrorStruck: guess you are using busybox with default configuration?12:50
horrorStrucki have never played with busybox actually but that is a good opportunity12:51
juewell, you can use contrib/busybox12:51
juethat creates a busybox with default config which includes mdev12:52
juesorry, it's not in contrib but in Romster's repo12:53
horrorStruckyeah just saw it, thanks jue12:54
horrorStruckso the only missing feature is modules autoloading?12:54
jueyeah, no coldplug and the xorg issue we talked about above12:56
juebut be careful, no warranty that it works for you as smooth as it did it for me ;)12:57
horrorStrucki'll sacrifice one more goat than usual, that should do it12:58
horrorStrucki'll try that tomorrow, it's too late to break my machine right now12:58
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