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sepenjaeger: pong?08:41
sepenjaeger: you asked for me?08:41
Romsteri can put busybox in contrib if it's that popular08:42
jaegersepen: I was just going to report that the xfce4 cpufreq plugin is missing a dependency, libxfcegui408:47
sepenah thanks08:49
jaegerBusybox may become more popular if they keep fucking udev users08:49
jaeger'they' being systemd folks08:50
jaegeris down currently?08:52
sepenjaeger: by chance, have you ever seen some of the initrd stuff we have in crux-arm?08:52
jaegerI have not looked at it, don't have any ARM devices... why do you ask?08:52
sepenI adapted CRUX's setup to work with ash and without squashfs08:52
sepenalso powered with mdev ;D08:53
jaegerthe official one is already powered with mdev, heh08:53
sepenlike that08:53
jaegerWhat did you want me to see in it?08:55
sepenI modified find_and_mount_media() from rc script too08:55
sepenso you don't need to find, and mount the media, and later use a squashfs image08:55
sepenall you need is busybox+dialog to run the setup08:56
jaegerlooks like you removed the CD search entirely08:56
sepenwell this is a particular case for crux-arm, but there is not the thing I wanted to see08:57
sepenlook at #81 and #88 (filesystem/rc)08:58
jaegeruncompressing modules and installing pkgutils at boot time08:59
sepento avoid squashfs just we need to have something like that in rc script, a task that be able to unpack modules and pkgutils09:00
jaegerYeah, it would be easy to avoid if there's a need for that09:00
jaegerI guess for some reason with ARM you do have a need?09:00
jaegerlimited memory?09:00
sepenjust to avoid the squashfs image09:01
sepenwhy I need to pivot_root? is really necessary?09:01
jaegerdepends on what you want to do09:01
sepenwell, for example, for what I want to use an squashfs image?09:02
jaegerI specifically wanted to allow a few things09:02
jaeger1) ssh access09:02
sepenI have it09:02
jaeger2) the ability to unmount the media09:02
sepenI can09:02
jaegerstuff like that09:02
sepenI completed too many setups on my ARM device (EfikaMX)09:03
jaegerSo I set it up to do the minimal disk finding and installation of a minimal system, then pass that with pivot_root or switch_root to the actual CRUX boot09:03
sepensorry, ssh no, telnet :D09:03
jaegerI didn't plan to make it the most efficient way possible, I started with Per's ISO and added features09:04
jaegerThere are lots of places it can improve, I'm sure09:04
sepenyeah I know09:05
sepenbut I just want to share my work on crux-arm09:05
sepenimho, in the practice, the squashfs image is only used to run the setup09:06
jaegerfair enough09:06
sepenand I used initrd.gz for install and rescue purposse09:06
jaegerIt's not even for running CRUX setup, it's only for building the initial environment to get ready for the setup09:06
sepenbut setup depends on bash+dialog from the rootfs in squashfs image09:07
sepenthe good part of having a single initrd.gz is the space on the iso and it occupies in memory09:08
sepenor initramfs like you want, but anyways around < 2M09:09
sepenooops, wrong window ;D09:14
Romsternope is up here.09:18
jaegerConnecting to||:80... failed: Connection refused.09:19
Romsterstrange must be routing issues it loads here.09:19
Romsterhmm or it did....09:20
Romsteri might have a cached copy in squid.09:20
jaegerI can traceroute to ( fine09:21
Romsterfree host is not as reliable as i'd like it to be...09:24
Romstersad to say my home slower connection is up more than that host is.09:24
jaegersepen: you probably don't need pivot_root or switch_root in initrd but you do for initramfs, to answer the earlier question more usefully09:25
Romsteri've messaged the host09:25
jaegerthe initrd /linuxrc or whatever isn't run as PID 1 in initrd, it's supposed to wait until the root is mounted and then exec /init or /sbin/init or whatever... initramfs just works differently09:26
Romsterif you need a file it should also be a copy on
Romsteroh i noticed tumbler needs intltool to build too.09:27
sepenoh! thanks09:28
sepenyeahhh configure: error: Your intltool is too old.  You need intltool 0.31 or later.09:29
Romsteryeah some user reported it and i tested but i forgot to report that.09:32
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Romsterseems some update script wiped out mysqld.... he is fixing the issue. i don't know what update script could ever do that.09:33
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Romsterdebian with dependency hell -_-09:41
Romster"the stupid debian script tries to "stop" non-existent mysqld instance before installing a new mysqld-server heh, therefore it fails" from his words09:49
Romsterjaeger, it's up now.10:13
jaegerI grabbed a couple files from in the meantime10:14
Romsterthat's fine speeds aren't that great but i got pretty much every file you'll ever need should you not find it out in the wild.10:18
Romsterhmm somehow i missed bumping mesa3d to 8.0.3 i'll do that on the weekend.10:20
Romsteri'm off to bed g'night10:21
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jaegerRomster: for when you get back,
jaegerer, never mind, that's teK_'s port11:11
jaegerteK_: :)11:11
teK_darned media-ports12:13
jaegerprobably a good candidate for safe-crux or the like13:19
teK_yeah -_-13:20
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jaegerI wonder  what would be the best way to parse a Pkgfile in python16:42
jaegerit would be trivial if not for multiple line source arrays and the like16:43
jaegerregex to the rescue, I suppose17:09
teK_what do you want to do with that? port portage to CRUX? :>17:10
jaegerNah, using python for my distfile thing17:10
jaegerIt would be easier to do in bash but I'll continue it in python for now19:26
jaegerCome to think of it I'm not even sure I could handle all the different variable substitutions in python without a ton of code, maybe I'll do it in bash after all19:27
jaegerbleh, will think more about it tomorrow19:27
frinnst [ANNOUNCE] X11R7.719:46
jaegerI wonder if tilman will come back for that20:32
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