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sepenhas someone read this about mdev?
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juesepen: yeah, mostly04:12
juesepen: why do you ask?04:16
sepennah, I want to try it on a box04:29
jueyou've read what I've written here the other day?04:33
sepen2 problems; xorg and autoload in kernel04:37
jueyeah, and this might be helpful ->
sepenyep, I saw it04:40
sepenjue: and about libdevmapper? it depends on udev04:42
jueno idea yet ;)04:44
sepen"...udev is going the kitchen sink route. mdev stays the lego brick path..."04:46
juewell, using mdev instead of udev should be the last resort, but if upstream is going on with the current way we have only two real possibilities:04:51
jue- use udev togther with systemd04:51
jue- do something other04:52
jueand using mdev seems a bit more compelling than a static /dev :)04:53
sepenanyways I think we should keep the KISS idea04:54
juesepen: nice to see that you are going to do some test/research in that area04:54
jueyeha, indeed04:55
sepenjue: pitillo and me noticed some problems with udev on arm devices, so I think is the time to read about04:56
juesepen: have to go now, keep us informed about your mdev experiences, please05:01
Romsterlibdevmapper? it depends on udev, oh gawd i'm screwed to use udev :(05:33
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Romster<kabi_> Romster: imho it would be smarter from mdev - to emulate udev....05:53
Romster<Romster> i don't want to add systemd on my system.05:53
Romster<kabi_> Romster: IMHO resistance is futile :)05:54
Romsterkabi works for red hat so i am not suprised there.05:54
teK_are going to patch the hell out of them :P06:01
sepenmdev port here
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frinnstthere was a poll on redhat network to add systemd to next rhel12:09
frinnstgained a worrying ammount of support :(12:09
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teK_seems that I will have to turn my back on CRUX16:43
jaegerthat bad, eh?16:46
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teK_I have not looked into in detail but I need to use virtualbox for my bachelor thesis which won't run on pure 64bit16:47
teK_fu fu fu16:47
jaegerIt runs well in 32-bit and multilib, for what that's worth16:48
jaegerYou could install one of those on another partition temporarily or something like that16:48
jaegeror use something else, heh16:48
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teK_this sucks16:49
teK_the framework I have to extend has no 'drivers' for kvm or xen16:50
jaegerI assumed that it would still work in pure64, it doesn't?16:50
* teK_ is tempted to make it support kvm16:50
jaegerAt least for 64-bit only VMs?16:50
teK_it needs bcc from dev8616:50
teK_as I said .. not looked into it but I fear this won't run in 64bit mode16:50
jaegerIs that runtime or buildtime?16:50
jaegerYou could try the binary one from if it's buildtime16:50
teK_may sepen could shed some light #lazywebs16:51
teK_ah, right. thanks16:51
jaegerThis is odd... I have my laptop plugged into an external monitor at the moment and the lid closed, so I'm only using the monitor. XFCE sees that I have 2 displays, even though 1 of them is inactive currently. It's displaying the desktop background for both at the same time, one over the other. Probably wouldn't even have noticed that but they're different sizes.16:58
teK_what happens if you redetect monitors17:00
jaegerIt's an intel, actually17:01
jaegerIf I tell XFCE not to use the laptop screen it stops displaying the extra background17:01
jaegerIt's not causing any problems, anyway, just odd17:02
teK_my aunt works at wipo.int17:06
teK_their IT Dpt. sent a warning to all workers that 6.5m LinkedIn passwords have been leaked <in cleartext>17:06
teK_head -> wall17:06
teK_it's 'ok' if larger newspaper claim this17:08
teK_but not a multi-thousand-supporting IT department :-)17:08
frinnstinteresting and relateable17:34
teK_they keep track of new updates via lftp? whoot17:40
teK_with bookmarks! newschool!17:45
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