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juegood morning02:13
juefrinnst: that's the 'console' rule in /etc/mdev.conf, I've replaced it with 'console root:tty 0600' for now02:18
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juefrinnst: busybox sources contains two other rule files in the example directory, mdev_fat.conf from there is similar but not equal to the one our port grabs from alpine02:22
frinnstyeah i figured it out04:16
juebtw, mdev is not a daemon, it just run once in the start-script and as the hotplug program called by the kernel04:27
jueanother thing, you can safely remove all calls to mknod in start_mdev, because that is done by devtmpfs already04:29
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frinnstjue: so start_mdev could be stripped down to pretty much 2 lines? mdev -s and echo mdev > hotplugthingy ?07:35
juenot really, we need additionaly the devtmpfs mount and the mkdir /dev/{pts,shm}07:44
jueand the ln calls too07:45
juebut for the mkdir call I'd prefer to do it the old udev way and create additional nodes/dirs via a  'cp -a /lib/mdev/devices/* /dev/'07:48
juebut well, that's not important ;)07:49
juefrinnst: works mdev for you without issues?07:50
frinnstthere are some08:17
frinnstevdev was nice to have, but i can live without it08:17
frinnsti seem to have issues with usb-sticks and the like08:17
frinnstno nodes are being created08:17
frinnstnevermind, usb-storage module not loading08:19
frinnstwell, things like that08:19
jueyeah, I agree, the biggest problem would be the programs that _require_ udev to work, like evdev08:20
frinnstget a few erorrs/warnings at boot with sepens scripts also, complainging about dirname: not found08:21
frinnstis mdev supposed to do module autoloading?08:22
jueno, AFAIK08:23
juebut I'm still a mdev noob08:24
frinnstheh, then what am I? :D08:25
juewrt your error, I guess /usr/bin is not in the path at that stage, could you s|dirname|/usr/bin/dirname| ?08:32
frinnsthmm, i dont think usr is mounted at that point, no?08:33
juehmm, right08:34
frinnsti'll hack around and give it a go08:35
frinnstyeah, much better08:39
juefrinnst: that's nice, if you add a rule '$MODALIAS=.*    root:root 660 @modprobe "$MODALIAS"09:18
jue' your usb_storage module gets loaded when you plugin a stick09:18
juegot it from busybox' mdev_fat.conf09:19
jueso we have at09:20
jueleast autoloading on hotplug09:20
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Romsterthat would because evdev is not a daemon, we need some event listening daemon to read out of /sys/...13:17
frinnstevdev is not udev :)13:57
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frinnstRomster: url for xkeyboard-config ->
Romsteri had trouble downloading that so i just put it down to servers under too much load at the time.21:17
Romsterhmm they moved it, figures21:18
Romsterfrinnst, fixed21:20
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