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juenot sure, but was the following written by our pli back in 2009? -> ;)03:39
juebtw, the whole article is a good info for those unsure about devtmpfs ->
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Romsteri wasn't sure about why the devtmpfs06:26
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sepenevdev worked with this config and also after pkg-remove xf86-input-mouse and xf86-input-keyboard09:46
sepenanyways mdev.conf needs to be fine tune09:47
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* jaeger pokes tilman 10:25
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frinnstsepen: but it wont build without udev10:58
frinnstor did you patch it?10:58
frinnstnevermind, spain - italy kickoff11:01
sepenfrinnst: I don't have udev11:15
sepenand you don't need a patch for xorg11:16
frinnstbut evdev doesnt build without udev?12:35
frinnstthe port in xorg builds, but future versions won't12:36
frinnstI use romsters xorg repo12:36
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tilmanjaeger: just returned14:07
jaegertilman: you're alive! hehe14:19
tilmanjaeger: visited with family. and noticed in horror i couldnt access my irssi session from the intarwebs :D14:21
jaegerah :) Hope you had a good visit otherwise, hehe14:22
jaegerhrmm... wonder if I know enough c++ to add a feature to prt-get14:29
jaegernot really, heh14:35
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Romsterjaeger, what feature is that?21:04
Romsteri got a patch floating around for download only for prt-get to pass that onto pkgmk -do, it's good to get all the sources before a major prt-get sysup21:05
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jaegerRomster: a patch to make it check for new deps on a sysup, such as kmod23:51
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