IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2012-06-13

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Romsterjue, hi, i'm good with gdk-pixbuf 2.26.1, atk 2.4.0, pango 1.30.1, gtk 2.24.10 and glib 2.32.3 version bumps when ever your ready to push glib and get tilman to update them others in opt, then i can push new webkit and a few other port updates to suit newer glib06:19
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jueRomster: ok, thanks for testing07:35
Romsterno problem07:38
frinnstjue: know of any good md5/sha512 migration strategy?08:29
rmullfrinnst: You can force all your users to reset their passwords08:30
rmullpasswd -e08:30
frinnstyeah I guess thats the only way08:32
frinnstwould be nice to convert them without any user action08:32
rmullthat would be very difficult :P08:33
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teK_letting us down in the future months is much harder than what hapened  during the last months11:32
teK_jue: you will stay onboard, won't you?11:32
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teK_I'd like to take over (from tilman): cryptsetup, ctags, esmpt, git, llvm,openbox, rpm2targz, strace, valgrind, wireshark. Objections?12:34
teK_see: for the rest12:34
jaegerNo objections from me14:08
jaegerRomster: I'm thinking I might ditch the ports aggregation stuff, it's just not really giving any big benefits14:10
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teK_we have to figure something out wrt xorg ..15:39
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Romsterwho ever takes it over they can rebase it off my xorg fork, and i'm late for work -_-18:01
frinnsti guess lots of stuff happened when my isps were fucked18:45
frinnstwell i guess i can pick up a few interesting ports atleast: cairo, epdfview, libjpeg, libpng, libtiff, pango, rxvt-unicode18:48
frinnstunless anybody minds18:48
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