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juegood morning02:26
jueteK_: yes, I will stay ;)02:26
teK_if not please tell us in advance02:27
teK_but: good to hear :>02:27
jueteK_: and no objections02:27
*** sepen_ has joined #crux-devel02:27
juefrinnst: why just pango, isn't it more or less part of the gtk+friends stuff?02:35
jueI have the hope that jaeger will pick up gtk, he was the maintainer of it in the past02:37
juebut well, anyone else can do it too, of course02:37
sepen_jue: what about xorg?02:39
*** sepen_ is now known as sepen02:39
juesepen: no me at least, suggestions?02:43
sepensince x11 was part of opt in the past we could let the opt maintainers to do commits02:43
juesure, but all of the xorg stuff depends on each other, so having one maintainer for the most parts of it would be nice02:45
sepenbut without losing consistency02:45
teK_there are 210 ports in xorg02:45
teK_holy cow.02:45
sepenwe should try to find a way to optimize our work and clear lines of development, and for that FS is the way imho02:48
juefrinnst: here's a patch for epdfview, we need something like that for newer glib ->
sepenany idea if we can mark a ticket as a dependency of another?02:49
juesepen: there's a 'This task depends upon' field?02:50
sepenoh neat!02:52
sepenit would be helpful on xorg, but still we need a person who cordinates the work on this repo02:53
sepensorry, coffee time here02:54
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* Romster makes coffee03:42
Romsteri've made a fork of xorg that a couple of users are using already jue.03:43
Romsteri wouldn't mind pushing the ports to xorg03:44
Romsterif you want to review them they are here.
sepenreview 213 ports? lol03:48
Romsteryou can go up a directory grab the httpup file add it, edit to a different location ports -u then do a diff -pruN over the existing xorg to that if you like.03:49
Romsterit was a huge task sepen03:49
Romsternot only version bumps i've fixed dependencies too.03:49
sepenRomster: where do you have a changelog or similar?03:50
sepengit log maybe?03:50
Romsteri have a outdated patch set seems to keep repeating the same patches when i generate that though, i don't know why... i can make a diff of the two and stick it up for review.03:51
Romsteri did put everything into git locally and i push to my gitolite server here.03:52
sepenahh, I thought you used a remote branch to git03:52
Romsteri pull from crux git then i edit merge and push to my local fire server.03:52
sepenwell, it would be fine to know at least the most important changes03:53
mike_kRomster: maybe posting such a diff to ML is a good idea to get more reviewers/testers?03:53
Romstergood idea i'll do that but i think it'll be far too large03:53
Romsteri can paste a link to it off a pastebin.03:54
mike_kattached, of course03:54
sepenand I think I should do the same for mdev03:54
sepenlike the idea of having things and ideas in our ML03:54
mike_ksepen: and a few words on that matter, as don't many of us did follow the udev/mdev discussion on IRC03:54
teK_any decision by  systemd's maintainers yet?03:54
teK_I suggest mdev be our last resort03:55
sepenmike_k: agree03:55
mike_kmaybe gereral ML is even a bettter place to get more attention03:55
sepenteK_: I just was playing with mdev to get knowledgements and to see if is possible to get a full desktop running over them03:56
sepenteK_: but I'm sure I don't like how udev is growing day by day03:56
jueteK_: still no official response03:57
juesepen: udev is not really growing, the problem is more that udev is sharing more and more functionality04:08
juefor example: udev no longer copies nodes from /lib/udev/devices, you have to use a systemd tool for that now04:09
teK_well forget about it04:11
juebtw, arch has replaced udev by a package called systemd-tools ;)04:14
jueteK_: I guess you are now the chief of our git/repos on
*** sepen has quit IRC04:25
RomsterteK_,  new files is not a crime only missing files are. but hving said that i'm rebuilding that port now.04:27
teK_maybe I have some nice to have ports installed04:29
teK_jue: I will try04:29
Romsteror the dependencies have changed since i last built that.04:32
Romsterif that's really required i can add the extra dependency04:33
Romstermakecommand      nice -n10 pkgmk -in04:34
Romsteris what i use in prt-get.conf04:34
Romsterit wont stall on new files.04:34
Romsterbut errors out if any are missing.04:34
teK_well Building '/usr/ports/packages/mkvtoolnix#5.0.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded. implies I do that too04:35
jueteK_: I'd suggest to follow sepen's idea to make xorg accessible for opt maintainers04:35
Romsterbe better if it was like core/opt maintainers than just one single person doing it... of course i could maintain it and accept patches if that's ok with everyone else. since i've been building it for a little while now.04:37
Romsteri'm not fussed just would like xorg 7.7 official is all.04:37
teK_to behonest: I alwayshave been glad if xorg was none ofmy business. I don't see how I could help with it. Besides romster, who would step up?04:40
jueRomster: thanks for the offer, however we are not in hurry and I think everyone has to think a bit more how we should deal with the current situation04:40
juelet's see what happens the next days and decide after that04:41
*** sepen has joined #crux-devel04:42
Romsterwhat creates .desktop files i thought it was desktop-file-utils, but it doesn't seem to be that one.04:42
Romsterlet the mailing lest get more attention i'd imagine it's only just happend.04:42
Romsterjue, no problem i'm just passing on ideas.04:43
jueat all I've nothing against it, but are a bit afraid about your too big number of ports04:43
Romsteri'd like to prune a few out of contrib that i don't use much anymore.04:44
Romsteri prefer to only maintian those that i use the most. and xorg happens to be one of them.04:44
Romstermuch like i use xine all the time so i built that up.04:45
teK_Romster is not supposed to become yhafri2 :)04:46
teK_no offence meant!04:46
Romsternah i wont ever be that bad.04:47
Romsteri do test my ports from time to time and i also report to others issues i've came across. that's probably why some think i'm irritating reporting so much04:48
Romstermkvtoolnix must need something else with desktop-file-utils to make desktop entries, trying to figure out what.04:49
Romsterjue,  that's why i said i'd like to push my changes but i'd also like it to be a group thing where a few can maintain xorg and not just one person, but that involves communication between all those that will have xorg access to know who's doing testing commit runs.04:50
RomsterteK_, i often wonder if i wasn't around crux would have way fewer ports, then again someone else would pick most of them up.04:51
teK_but fewer. It's good to have that ports04:52
teK_so we will deal with tilmans resignation. end of story04:52
Romsterbut quality is better than quantity04:53
RomsterteK_,  you using mkvtoolnix as CLI or GTK?04:54
teK_CLI, iirc04:55
Romsteryeah i can only do that footprint if i include it as a GUI app.04:57
teK_no worries, pkgmk -in saves us all :)04:58
teK_thanks for testing04:58
Romsterthose that want GUI can just install the extra stuff them self. i'd prefer to keep it CLI on deps for that one, since it can be used in a script.04:59
Romsteri don't always like adding every dep a project can use.04:59
Romsterunless it's a really useful optional dep that's used a lot05:00
teK_that's, what nice to have: is for05:00
Romsteryeah but prt-get doesn't use that i'd relaly like to see a # Optional: header field for that and have some option in prt-get to use it.05:01
teK_me not. It's a corner-case as you probably do not want to install *every* Optional dep for all ports05:01
Romstertrue it's tricky to do guess it's easier to review it by looking at it.05:02
pitillofirst thing to do is that all maintainers use the same tag for optional ports... at least (used or not by prt-get) this will make work more homogeneous05:07
pitilloand about xorg, from my point of view, both ways will be hard in my opinion. One person managing that amount of ports is a hard task. Splitting this task over more opt maintainers will be too if things aren't done using a guideline05:08
sepenRomster, related to that
pitillothis could be a good time to make a test and change the way it's being done until now. Using FS and putting some guidelines between people who will put hands on xorg collection could be a good idea05:09
teK_we could addanother project called CRUX-xorg to improve the visibility of problems05:14
pitilloteK_: that could be the shared point by opt maintainers putting hands on xorg collection05:15
pitilloand some guidelines to make tests at least by 2 or more maintainers before pushing changes05:16
sepenteK_: another project means that we can't use the same roadmap05:22
sepenI prefer to keep category: core/opt/xorg05:22
Romsterfunnily enough i never got around to trying that and i forgot about that patch.05:27
teK_sure sepen05:28
Romsteri'll pick up ccache if no one objects i use that regularly05:30
sepenRomster: worked fine, but transforms our KISS system into something more complicated imho05:31
Romsterfrinnst, why didn't you pick up gtk along with the pango cairo atk gdk-pixbuf stuff?05:31
Romstersepen, yeah i see, it goes against the KISS principal, i might like to suggest that prt-get shows the optional ports on prt-get info though.06:10
Romsterthat wouldn't break KISS, just listing them06:10
sepenmy patch does only that06:13
Romsterthen why did nit not make it in :(06:42
Romsteryeah i saw that06:49
sepenthe problem is that people will try to use nicetohave with some more combos to install ports06:50
Romsterone of my dumb moments06:50
Romsteris that a bad thing06:51
sepenI think that is what tranforms our KISS system06:51
Romsterwhat they script fu is there work, just listing them in info breaks kiss?06:51
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jueTBH, I never see a point in having this 'nice-to-have'06:52
*** joe9 has joined #crux-devel06:53
Romsteri'd prefer a required and optional line than a depends on line, so everything can be built minimally but then i'd imagine not many would set the optional line correctly or even test that.06:54
Romsterjust leave it how it is though being more lazy is less effort to check all that.06:54
jueRomster: what you are saying implies a lot of additional work, which is out of question, at least for me06:55
*** frinnst has quit IRC06:55
Romsteragreed for the time being as we haven't got alot of man power.06:55
jueno, it's no a question of man-power06:55
Romsterit's a thing of effort, understood.06:56
Romsternever mind i asked about that.06:57
juea port is primarly I thing I maintain, because I need/want the software06:57
juebuilding it with a lot additional stuff installed/removed is pain06:58
*** frinnst has joined #crux-devel06:58
sepennah I was playing a bit when created this patch06:58
sepentime to eat here06:58
juedon't get it too serious/complicated: a port should be what the maintainer needs. Dot.07:00
teK_wb jue07:01
jueif someone else needs a different version, well it's more than easy to clone a port07:01
frinnstwell i perhaps got a bit hasty last night.07:01
frinnstmaintaining just pango and cairo seems a bit half-assed, yes07:02
frinnsti'll wait for jaeger to wake up :)07:02
Romsterjue, ok i understand i'm not taking it personally.07:03
Romsterwhen gtk and friends is sorted, will jue be ready to bump glib? then i can redo webkit and other ports against that.07:04
Romstermeantime i'm going to relax07:05
teK_if atk ist bumped, we'll see gimp 2.8.0, too :}07:05
juedon't get me wrong, that's just my personal point of view (and what I remember Per thought about such things ;))07:05
jueRomster: sure, will update glib in the same run07:06
Romsteryou are right jue i often wonder and it makes me have to do additional work.07:06
Romstercool :)07:06
frinnstack on fix for epdfview. What version of glib is it that will cause trouble and how imminent is the push?07:10
frinnstalso forgot to push new libpng last night but i see jue took care of that :). jue: are you ok with me taking libpng?07:13
juefrinnst: not sure, but I guess 2.30 and newer07:13
Romsterglib 2.32.x07:17
Romsterit did brek some stuff but that's caught up as far as i can tell.07:17
juefrinnst: sure, take it07:18
Romsterfighting over ports like vouchers what's next :P~07:25
frinnstwell to be honest i'd rather have tilman still maintain everything :)07:50
teK_which he didn't for some time07:50
Romsteri guess he was hoping he would have more time and/or motivation07:51
Romsterbig decision to leave the most awesome distro out there.07:51
teK_that's for sure07:51
jaegerI saw my name mentioned regarding gtk+ stuff; I don't mind taking it if frinnst doesn't want to but if he does, I'll leave it alone08:26
* Romster pokes frinnst 08:28
jaegerI haven't tested it recently, to be honest, would require some testing time again on my part08:29
Romsteri've been using your combined ports tree for my multilib chroot only but i must say i like that... but if you want to discontinue that i can use your script on my box here for myself.08:31
jaegerI'm not using it anymore, myself, I found it a bit more useful to keep things in separate trees08:31
jaegerSo yeah, I'm going to discontinue it here08:32
Romsterok i'll change it on the weekend then you can do whatever with it then.08:32
Romsteri just bumped wine in multilib opt to 1.5.608:34
Romsterhmm looks like all of my core got deleted on that ports -u08:36
Romsterand checked out again, ok your script has a small window of bad.08:37
sepenRomster: why not to use overlays to avoid that?08:37
Romsterjaeger, has a overlay system but he is going to discontinue that.08:37
Romsteri thought it's neater than overlaying in prt-get.conf08:38
jaegerThe script isn't robust at all, it was a quick hack08:38
Romsterthat's why i'm only using it in my multilib chroot for testing.08:39
Romsterbefore i even used it on my system.08:39
Romsteri got a copy i can improve on it and use it on my host.08:40
*** deus_ex is now known as pedja08:43
jaegerpedja: personally I'd suggest the xorg repo become a team effort like core09:07
pedjajaeger: that is probably the simplest/most elegant solution, xorg needs more than one herder(sp?).09:09
pedjayay, I got the 'herder' right.this 2nd degree burn in enhancing my foreign language skillz, it seems :)09:11
juefrinnst: I can send you some diffs for the gtk stuff, if you like09:22
pedjajue: any plans for including gtk3 in opt?it is not widely used yet, apart from gnome, iirc.09:35
juepedja: sure, if a opt maintainer wants/needs a port for gtk3, why not ;)09:40
pedjawhen Firefox 42 switches to gtk3, then ? :)09:42
Romstersakura and midori, webkit can use gtk309:42
pedjaanything that requires it?09:43
frinnstjaeger: I dont mind taking gtk and related ports. I've not previously maintained that many ports and I guess I feel i should carry a bigger load09:43
Romsterbut i'm holding off on gtk3 for someone else to make it. i read someone has already built gtk3 can't remember who.09:43
frinnstjue: sure09:44
pedjaRomster: I have gtk3 port in my private repo, if anyone is interested.09:44
jaegerfrinnst: works for me09:45
pedjai've been using it for some time, cairo-dock depends on it.09:45
Romsterpedja, is your ports tree in portsdb?09:45
Romsterurl to it?09:45
frinnstso I'll take gtk, atk, gdk-pixbuf as well as pango & cairo then09:46
*** joe9 has quit IRC09:47
pedjaRomster: my repo is hidden deep in the depths of my HD.When I clean it up a bit/a lot, I might consider publishing it..09:48
*** joe9 has joined #crux-devel09:49
pedjaRomster: gtk3 repo is separate, and survived prtverify.I can send you the tarball of it, if you want.09:49
Romsterno wonder i can't find anything why is it not public like everyone elses.09:50
Romstersure i can see how it ticks and test ports here.09:51
pedjai'll send it to you tonight.09:52
*** joe9 has quit IRC09:54
Romsterta email it to me will probably be easiest.09:54
*** joe9 has joined #crux-devel09:56
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juefrinnst: sent10:05
*** joe9 has joined #crux-devel10:09
frinnstthanks. though a few of those bumps will require a new glib. ready to push? :)10:10
jueyeah, give me some minutes ;)10:11
jaegerpedja: how good is cairo-dock?10:12
pedjaworks nice on my ancient 8500gt, and its not very resource hungry.10:13
pedjait has a few bugs, but nothing major.10:13
Romsterfrinnst, with gtk and stuff with cache files don't forget to regenerate them and then pkgmk -um again10:15
juefrinnst: done10:16
*** joe9 has quit IRC10:36
*** joe9 has joined #crux-devel10:45
juefrinnst: sorry, sent you a outdated diff for gtk, 2.24.10 is current10:46
* jue hides under the table10:46
frinnstwell since you didnt send a diff for gtk, I'll forgive you10:48
frinnstonly got diffs for atk and gdk-pixbuf :)10:48
juef**k, I forgot the -a for both, that's what I did -> mail -s "gtk update" -a atk.diff -a gdk-pixbuf.diff pango.diff gtk.diff fredrik@crux.nu10:50
Romstermust be getting late or too early for jue today10:58
frinnstheh, got your second mail just as I pushed pango :)10:59
frinnstthanks anyways :)10:59
jueRomster: indeed, probably both :)11:05
Romsterhope i haven't missed anything, i'll know later if i have.11:06
*** sepen has quit IRC11:06
Romsterjaeger, you now yu got some libffi-32 to add and updated glib too.and nvidia-32 update.11:07
Romsteri need to check though the other deps for bumps or you can jaeger whoever gets to them first.11:07
Romsterit's getting late g'night jue  jaeger frinnst pedja everyone else.11:08
jaegerI already updated nvidia-32 and a few others11:28
jaegerhaven't messed with libffi or glib yet11:28
jaegerat work, busy with other stuff11:29
*** joe9 has quit IRC11:50
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teK_=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:12:45
teK_MISSING   9012f52b08405b0a8a01948e3e68819d  pango.modules12:45
teK_NEW       4b00848e60b7eb1dfb2274e59666c1ba  pango.modules12:45
teK_=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/pango#1.30.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.12:45
teK_=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:12:51
teK_MISSING   573a8d3fbb9543b5432de53cfaedbbcc  geoclue-0.12.tar.gz12:51
teK_NEW       71904214fb018deb7e4223720ce497c5  geoclue-0.12.tar.gz12:51
teK_=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/geoclue#0.12-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.12:51
rmullI get that too12:57
rmulloh what the fuck, geoclue pulls in dbus??12:57
teK_you know.. to get notified if any new continents will appear on earth12:58
rmullI wish i had run a --test before doing this13:02
rmulloh well...13:03
jaegerhas gdk-pixbuf-xlib-2.0 disappeared?13:24
jaegerLooks like it has, I wonder if there's a workaround for things that use that13:24
jaegerfrinnst: <-- this is what would change if you add --with-x11 to gdk-pixbuf 2.26, any objections? xlib support was in the old one without that option13:30
jaegerwill fix xscreensaver, maybe other apps13:31
jaegerfrinnst: also, could be changed to 'gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders --update-cache', the path doesn't have to be fully specified anymore13:34
jaegeron the gdk-pixbuf --with-x11 front, if you leave out x11 support I'm guessing the xorg-libx11 dep could be dropped... with that said leaving it in would be preferred, I think13:44
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*** _____________mav has quit IRC17:05
frinnstif it will fix xscreensaver i'll take care of it18:34
jaegerthanks :)18:44
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