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juefrinnst: you missed what I've written to you wrt glib and libffi?05:23
frinnstyou want me to maintain it?05:27
juehehe, that was the idea05:30
frinnstheh, sure05:31
jueto round up the gtk stuff05:31
juemany thanks :)05:31
teK_not that I have a stupid red border in chromium now, flash (not html5) videos will flicker on replay06:13
teK_+ hi folks06:14
teK_no problem with firefox06:14
teK_because HW Accel  wasdisabled (I had to due to 'miscolored' videos) -> reenabled -> no flickering, no wrong colors. Adobe wtf06:16
Romsterthe wrong colours was fixed by a patch i applied to vdpau07:05
Romsterto work around a bug in flash07:05
frinnstI guess that's one way to fix bugs..07:06
Romsternot the right way but adobe refuse to fix that bug apparently07:06
Romsteri sure hope flash dies and html5 takes over.07:07
Romsterhmm alot of ports in opt still no one has picked up. other than the gtk stuff.07:09
teK_did not get around to do so07:10
teK_will ASAP :)07:10
Romsterah k, i wouldn't mind picking up ones that i depend on. but i'm seeing who grabs what first.07:11
Romsteri only picked up ccache as i do use that all the time.07:11
Romsterthe audio related stuff i'm into. i'm trying ot focus on audio/video, p2p some utilities type stuff.07:12
Romsteri do propose that doxbox be dropped out of opt there is a newer one in emulators07:13
Romsterno ones replied about xorg yet. suppose it'll be a few weeks before everyone reads the mailing list.07:15
frinnstmust have missed that07:30
frinnstoh, you replied to tilmans message. how sneaky of you! :)07:43
Romsteryeah and i also stuck it in the general list too. as i thought not many would see that.07:51
frinnstI wouldn't mind helping out with xorg in places (with the stuff I actually use)07:53
frinnstI've noticed that I don't seem to run that much software compared to the rest if you. Or do you guys maintain stuff that you never actually use?07:54
Romsteri got some stuff i don't use much, i'm in the process of weeding that out.07:56
Romsterbut there is some stuff i will be using soon too so i'm going to be dusting off a few ports i had my eye on for being interesting and may use in the future in my personal repo.07:57
Romsterand now i'm coming up to a need for some of them.07:57
Romsterthe rest will go into a attic away from view.07:57
Romsteri've knock d a few out of contrib that i deem not used enough to warrant being in contrib anymore.07:58
Romsterthat nothing else depends on it.07:58
Romsterit's a bout time i prune my crap.07:58
Romsteri've been on a rampage porting everything07:59
Romsteri use xorg heavily so i am prepared to put time in to xorg.07:59
Romsterxorg might phase out when wayland is more mature though.08:00
Romsternumber of years yet.08:00
jaegerOf the things still maintained by tilman in opt I only use the alsa ports, aside from things that get pulled in as deps08:16
jaegerI'd be willing to maintain those08:16
Romsteras much as i use audio i don't really need to be the one maintaining alsa but i can if no one else is interested.08:21
Romsteri'm expecting i may need to pick up such  audio libs in opt, i'll see what's left over after the other devs in opt scrummage though08:22
rmullRomster: glib-networking update fails because rmdir doesn't want to remove a non-empty dir:
rmulleasily fixed manually, just thought you should know09:16
Romsteryeah i just spotted that.09:20
Romsterand fixedit.09:20
Romsteri'm cold so i'm trying ot warm up by doing spot compile checks on ports.09:21
Romstersince the fan in my heater decided to cease up and stop spinning for good.09:21
rmullRomster: thanks, works well now.09:26
Romsterdisabling ccache works a bit better for more cpu load.09:27
Romsterseize sorry not cease09:27
Romsterwell cease it put itself to end..09:28
Romsterthough not the word i was after.09:28
jaegerwell, "ceased to spin" would also have worked09:29
jueFYI, I've moved back the glib libs to /usr/lib because there's no longer a reason to keep them in /lib. The idea for moving them to /lib was the possiblity to build udev with the glib depended stuff enabled possibly.10:52
jueBut that's no longer an real option, because a systemd based udev build needs all buildtime requirements of systemd like e.g. dbus. So, TBH, we have to give up the split between / and /usr if we want systemd or newer udev.10:53
jueerr, all was correct ;)10:55
juejaeger: I like you idea to make xorg to something like core, do you have more ideas how this could be done in practice?11:04
jaegerAs far as I can see it would be something like this: the "core" team can make any updates necessary to ports in the repo but we'd agree beforehand on what updates are "safe" or "approved"11:05
jaegerfor example security updates from a certain announce source11:05
jaegeror if they have a releases roadmap on the site with specific released versions of each package11:05
juesounds promising to me, so as the first step we should create a page with the 'rules' and ask the current maintainers who is interested to help with xorg11:12
jueor something like that11:14
jaegerseems reasonable. also would be nice to have a ck4up job that emails the core team or xorg team or whatever11:15
juejaeger: may I ask you to organize the whole thing?11:15
jaegerI could try, though I'll need to do some research after work11:16
juegreat, thanks :)11:17
jaegerno problem, I'll draft an email about it tonight if I can11:17
jaegertentatively I would say tarballs from are "11:17
jaegerapproved", and then security updates from XYZ, wherever XYZ is11:18
jaeger perhaps11:18
jaegerI'll research it, though, and write something11:18
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jaegerAnyone object to me taking over alsa-{lib,oss,utils} ?15:49
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Romsterjaeger, nope17:43
jaegerRomster: your xorg updates, are they from the X11R7.7 releases or from another source?18:16
jaegers/releases/release tarballs/18:16
jaegerlooking at a couple Pkgfiles it looks like they're from the individual tarball dirs instead18:19
jaegerI wonder how much version disparity there is18:21
jaegerA comparison of the things in the /app/ dir seems to indicate none18:30
rmullHey, the patchfiles in the source=(...) line of the Pkgfile - they always seem to be specified by just a filename. How does pkgmk know where to grab them from?20:14
rmullI want to add a patch in my Pkgfile but I want to make sure it's right20:15
jaegerIf the path is just a filename it's local, meaning in the port dir20:18
rmullokay, so it gets pulled in during a ports -u20:20
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Romsterjaeger, there from individual tarball dirs.21:20
Romsteri had been bumping xorg fork before R7.7 was out.21:20
Romsterrmull, yeah and be sure to git add the patch i sometimes forget too.21:21
rmullRomster: Good reminder, thanks21:23
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Romsteri'm back to work later.21:44
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