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c0xline 31 in ports/core-x86_64/filesystem/Pkgfile: ln -s ../lib $PKG/lib6400:07
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teK_wake up everybody :P04:24
Romsteri'm here bearly keeping awake04:24
Romsteri don't think i've caught up on my sleep yet. it's 7:25pm and i feel like nodding off.04:25
Romsteryou want anything teK_ ?04:30
teK_red borders went away04:34
teK_details following shortly04:34
teK_I did not upgrade zlib because it always failed when this host Variable (the one you pass to configure) in pkgmk.conf was set04:39
teK_I did a cleanup of ck4up and prt-get sysup yesterday and update zlib04:39
teK_et voila..04:39
teK_stupid friggling thing :P04:39
teK_thanks to all of you for testing04:39
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jaegerWho's using the updated xorg repo? romster and frinnst?08:07
jaegerhow did you handle libpthread-stubs?08:09
frinnstnot needed08:11
frinnstrebuilding apps linked against it was a *pain*08:12
jaegerdid you just rebuild everything?08:12
jaegerheh, ok08:12
frinnsta simple revdep won't show you what's needed08:12
jaegerI already had to doctor /usr/lib/*.la08:12
frinnstyeah I did a massive purge at the end too08:12
frinnstdidn't we have a similar issue a couple of releases ago?08:12
jaegerI can't recall, honestly08:13
frinnst2.5,2.6 something08:14
frinnstxcb related or something iirc08:15
jaegersounds familiar08:16
horrorStruckFWIW, i just locked that bastard for now. too much pain in the fecal duct for a 200K archive.08:31
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sepenC/Win 309:19
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horrorStruckjaeger: no bad surprise so far with your udev 18509:35
horrorStruckexcept i cant build libdevmapper so far09:46
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jaegerheh... it's clear to me that poettering just flat doesn't give a shit about any way but his and it's just as clear that people in that thread don't get that11:58
jueyeah, the whole thing is so outrageous that I have problems to believe it ;)12:30
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jaegerheh, I can't build anything anymore on my laptop, broke it pretty badly with xorg 7.712:39
sepenjaeger: and what about to pkgadd -r ... from a different rootfs? at least you'll rescue it12:43
jaegerlibtool says "cannot find the library `' or unhandled argument '/usr/lib/'12:44
jaegeryeah, I can rescue it easily enough or start from scratch, that's not too big a deal12:44
teK_We are open to merging patches for the build system that make more "fringe" components of systemd optional.12:44
teK_this is madness12:44
teK_they just dismissed a patch that does exactly this12:44
jaegermoot since he doesn't consider systemd optional12:44
sepenand what about the guy asking dump things about ARM ... lol12:45
teK_to quoteLinus: he is _full_ of shit12:45
jaegerhe says specifically that patches that make the "nonoptional" parts (systemd, journald, udevd) optional will be rejected12:45
teK_ and make our lives easier12:46
teK_oh well12:46
teK_he's german, isn't he?12:46
sepen"The Dictator"12:46
teK_i.e. I have the opportunity to punch him in the face on one of the local cons12:46
jaegerYou have my support if so12:48
jaegerI wish he would just say "I don't care what you want." in response instead of stringing it along12:48
teK_ignorant drepperism or what is this called?12:49
teK_If you don't want to use systemd, then don't use udev, use some thing else old too.12:50
sepenI'd like to see other distro comments on theirs irc-backlogs, would be funny like this one12:50
sepenwhere is the unix principle to write programs that do one thing and do it well? indeed12:52
sepenI wonder if exists linuxd :)12:54
teK_Linus just said that in his infamous talk (unix principle etc.)12:56
sepenteK_: yep, just I was reading that
sepenI think modularity should be made in buildtime13:00
teK_of course13:00
sepenhas someone a link to Linus opinions about systemd?13:00
teK_otherwise you'd have to claim each possible dependency to be installed on build time. But that's only a problem for those stupid source-builders who compile everything EVERYTIME. According to Lennart.13:01
teK_I don't13:01
sepenoops, Lennart is the guy behind avahi, I start to understand some things13:03
sepenteK_: yeahh, Lennart hates source based distros13:04
sepeni.e: if you tried to rpm-install a src.rpm you'll note about the big number of dependencies you need13:05
sepentons of libs and headers, but tons of builddeps too13:05
juesepen: and pulseadio ...13:15
juepulseaudio even13:15
sepenjue: did you see frinnst report about new mpup I'm preparing?13:37
sepen10:23:22 <frinnst> sepen: old: real0m10.847s new: real0m3.679s13:39
juesepen: yeah saw that, but never used mpup13:48
sepenjust told you for the thing you said me about xjobs + mpup sometime ago13:49
jueah, looks like it works :)13:50
juesorry,  now I remember, we talked about that13:50
sepenyes, with a bit delay ;D13:51
sepen*I implemented it with a bit delay13:51
jaegeryay, got an SSD for work now15:40
frinnstwhat model?15:41
jaegerIntel 520 240GB15:41
jaegerI gave my boss a list of 5 or so that would be good and that's what he picked15:42
frinnstI lended my old ocz solid series gen1 ssd to my boss when his laptop drive died. hoping it will result in ssd's at work :)15:45
jaegerunless it dies and he hates them :D15:45
jaegerI'm using my old 60GB OCZ Vertex as a cache drive in an ESXi server now15:45
jaegerworks well15:45
frinnstbut I prepared for that by talking it down, saying how oooooold it was. so i think i've covered my bases15:46
jaegerah :)15:46
jaeger"This is old but will still stomp your platter drives"15:46
frinnsthe laughed out loud when his tired old laptop booted in record time :)15:46
frinnstscrubbing my ~4tb btrfs array at the moment. i'm just a tiiiny bit nervous :)15:54
jaegerheh, nice15:58
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jaegerhrmm, got a footprint mismatch with git20:19
jaegerer, new file, to be clear20:43
jaegerfrinnst: are you using btrfs in production or is that just a personal thing?21:00
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